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My Daughter is a Slow Reader
Mother Interior Beseeches the Crackpot
“I know you were a slow reader. My daughter is a slow reader. She can read but its very trying for her—its work. So, she has been listening to audio books for hours. She is devouring literature. But I’m afraid it might keep her from reading. Do you think I should let her have as much audio as she wants, or will that be detrimental?”

I could not read in 3rd grade and was in special ed until 5th grade. Then, in 6th grade I was the best reader in my school, because the storybooks of adventure used by my reading teacher lit a fire in my clumsy mind.
Keep that fire stoked in her mind with audio books. Listening to stories is still an active form of participation as her mind has to put the images together. Some folks actually suffer from such high reading literacy that they have a hard time absorbing spoken tales. The worst thing would be audio video, which is what most meat-puppet parents opt for, which makes her story time purely passive and hypnotic. This conditioning is the basis for the 95% media mind control enjoyed by our rulers.
I suggest reserving her reading for when she wishes to learn something. So have her imbibe literature with its many non-mechanical messages with her ears and let her seek self-help information, knowledge about animals and weather, through nonfiction.
For pictographic development have her plot adventures on maps. You could use a map along with a book on animals to access illustrated descriptions of the animals living where she imagines herself going. Let that mapping and zoological reading lead to her drawing and writing. Once she tries writing, even if just labelling and footnoting her own fantasy maps, then hopefully reading, like it did for me, would not seem like so much work.
I enjoyed my mother reading to me quite a bit but still sought reading so that I could access books directly. Do what you can to present books as doors of wonder waiting to be opened by the eager mind.
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sidvicJune 19, 2020 7:56 PM UTC

my experience is that one has to stumble across that one book that really captures thier interest. therupon they are a reader for life. I worked hard to get my kids books i thought they would like. I was also manipulative as hell inducing them to read.
responds:June 20, 2020 12:27 PM UTC

Yes, that one book is all important.