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Feral Teens
A Reader Needs Some Tips on Dealing with Punks
Sorry I missed you when you came out West again. I was thinking about reaching out but you know how things were
Anyways I have a question I was wondering about
There are some street kids (white) who hang out around my building being obnoxious
One of them said something to me today and I went off on him as I was going inside but now I am kind of worried about being jumped by a pack of feral teens
I am 6'4 200 and know some boxing and like my odds against any of them individually but three or four I don't know
What do I do? Try to avoid them for a few days and hope it blows over? Take down the main one if they attack? I am new to all of this
Also part of the reason I was hesitant to get ahold of you when you were out here is because I hear you have fallen under the Eye of Soros so please remove any identifying information if you do post this on your site, if this ends up going bad I don't want me asking you for advice to come up
Thanks again. Hope you are doing well.
-Bradley Cooper

I am posting this while seated in the very Iris of Soros.
I understand your concern.
Loved you in American Sniper.
I hope things are good for you out in Spokane, Bradley.
You did what you did.
Now let’s not make it worse.
Do not avoid them.
Do stop running your mouth.
Walk boldly and confidently.
Just ignore them like a lion ignoring jackals even if they are hyenas.
If they vocalize, just ignore them because you have already started to run the combat simulations in your mind. Imagine every place and manner in which they might attack you and run it through your mind until the idea of them attacking you makes you peacefully dark within.
If they are within reach and you think they are going to pop off, look at one that is further off and then deck the closest or weakest. Don’t go for the muscle or the mouth if you have a choice. You want a victim. You want to generate a casualty. Either rake his eyes with your fingertips or slap him in the side of the head or punch his body as an opener.
Against a group, heavy boots on a big guy will help you stomp the ankles and feet of these ferals.
Only punch the body.
Slap the head.
Break a foot with your boot heel.
Don’t talk.
Chin down.
Most important is you must injure a second one. This is why you go for the weakest first. If you deck the toughest or biggest, than the others are the witnesses to your crime.
Generate a casualty and then slap the shit out of the next closest punk.
If the big boy or tough nut is the closest than damaging his eyes with the fingers is an important start.
If a beta is closest, slap his head.
If a bone rack is closest punch his body.
Good luck, Bradley.
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LittlebookMay 27, 2020 3:35 PM UTC

Some pertinent info on dog wrangling:



2.9k points

8 hours ago

If another dog is attacking your dog, do NOT try to pull that dog off. You need to drop down and put it in a headlock to suffocate it so it opens its mouth. Dog mouths are like clamps and if you try to pull the other dog off you'll just hurt your dog more. This information saved my dog's life as I had to choke out a Pit Bull that was trying to rip out her guts.

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7 hours ago

Today I Learned

To add to this bit of truth.

Canine teeth (predator teeth in general) are evolutionarily designed to do more damage when prey struggle or try to rip their limb away. That’s why the teeth are curved backwards.

The worst thing you can do if you are bitten by a dog is pulling your arm away. It will use your own kinetic force to rip you open. It’s completely counter-intuitive but your best option is not to struggle.

Also on this note, domesticated dog breeds have a trait bred into them called “Bite inhibition”. Many many dogs will avoid biting humans hard enough to draw blood. The damage comes from you reflexively drawing away and ripping your own flesh on their teeth.

I’ve worked in a couple pet stores and vet clinics. I’ve let aggressive dogs “bite” me, and when I don’t struggle they release and sort of look indignant. Almost comical. Really what they are doing is giving you a nip to let you know they aren’t happy for whatever reason. If you’re cognizant enough, when a dog has hold of your forearm you can actually push your arm towards them to help your situation. They really don’t like that.

And just to add, this is not a 100% foolproof rule. Dogs can also be trained to ignore that bite inhibition. If the dog bites you and starts to thrash it’s head you need to start punching its nose or going for the eyes. Every dog is different, but as a general rule it’s worked for me. Domestication runs deep.

responds:May 28, 2020 11:28 AM UTC

Thanks so much fort his survival information.

I read an account of a big game hunter when I was a boy. a leopard bit his hand and the hunter shoved his arm down its throat and sofocated it while they grappled across a fence.