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Marius and James Discuss Modernity as Deviltry
[My comments are in brackets.]
Hi James,
I wonder what your life would have been like if you had ended up here. I think you would fit in well. However, I dont think you would get the predation you need to thrive.
[Maybe I should have taken the houseboy gig.]
The natives are wild and aggressive, but only in the frontier parts of the nation. There is a similar worship of all things indigenous by inner city hipsters to native american culture here. Unfortunately those same people have never had their bike stolen, had rocks thrown at them or been mobbed by aboriginals. They simply have no clue. The reality is much more grim. Our natives have been completely ruined by western diet and alcohol.
[As evidenced by the health of African Americans and their susceptibility to the Cordovan Minus, the grain and sugar diet has done the same here.]
An interesting side note - Weston A Price was a dentist who travelled all around the world studying the physiques of native populations. Before the high carb poison diet and alcohol was introduced, these people were perfect specimens. Needless to say, civilisation has ruined these people. its tragic.
image.png photo [of three very dark and ripped vintage Aborigines.]
image.png [of fat, gap-toothed modern Aborigine, apparently mixed and overfed.]
[I regard this as a crime against a unique branch of humanity. The same thing has become of many reservation Indians in America, being introduced to food and alcohol that they had no genetic experience with.]
The article was great. I had no idea about the australian mobsters. There was an interesting period after the war of independence where the british tried using their convicts as soldiers to colonise africa. Africa being africa infected most of the officers with typhoid and the like, leaving the armed convicts to their own devices. pretty soon they turned into petty warlords and pillaged the subcontinent, so the decision was made to send them here!
[The Australian mobsters of San Francisco were called The Sydney Ducks and were eventually slaughtered by Anglo-American vigilantes who didn't like them being protected by politicians and judges.]
In regards to our sovereignty, its not a bad idea to ally with Japan. Whenever I play the board game risk, I always go for Australia as Its the hardest region to take. I think it would play similarly in real life. Our only hope is to make a super state out of the pacific. We have some of the most warlike people in this region, and all of them know that China is not our friend.
[Natural balance of peoples has always worked to contain the Middle Kingdom in its coiled lair. Perhaps they will go to the stars as the first true celestials?]
The biggest problem is the sloth and idolatry in this country. People dont know struggle. although i suspect that will change when the easy credit dries up.
And your point about antartica is valid. It would be an excellent petri dish for interstellar colonisation. One thing we do well in this country is modular infrastructure. Due to the remotenes and the mining boom (resource rape), almost anything you need can be put on skids or built in a shipping container and reassembled onsite. My personal mission in this life is to acquire some land, and build a self sufficient community using these tools. My aim is to connect our veterans and civilians through farming and sports - creating a modern militia independent of the system.
[Farming and sports is a great idea. Much of the sports tradition of the west is the adaptation of warrior and hunter activity placed in a civic agrarian context, an active form of community and individual remembrance. The corruption of such sports into the worship of non-European faux-masculinity—essentially hyena behavior—is my pick for the best reason that the old gods should return to smite this Civilization. To have sports used again to build community identity would be a true highwater mark in a regeneration.]
This is a big goal, and likey i will not succeed. Most people think im insane, or a nationalist lunatic, or both. unfortunately they're just too myopic to realise whats going on - which is why i read your site, myth20c, Zman and others. Its reassuring to know that just cause im surrounded by imbeciles, doesn't mean i have to be one.
[I find that contact with idiots is helpful in maintaining a lack of delusion. Many online activists fall into the trap of the elite mind echo-chamber. Contact with your cognitive opposite is good reality food for the beleaguered soul.]
Something clicked for me when reading one of your shamdemic journals - about the bug people. I think you are spot on. We are heading towards some collectivist insect colony.
[The system built by men and I suspect reflecting the malevolent will of a supernatural force, has a mechanical cadence and organic economy of scale that generates insect like colony behavior and also erodes morality and metaphysic awareness.]
A world where everything is for the greater good. I imagine it as though there is some entity, like a Sauron or Lucifer, that is driving humans to create AI and make themselves redundant. That its this AI/insect people who will explore the galaxy and colonise other worlds into this vast collective entity with only one purpose - consumption.
[I suspect that AI will never function as fantasized, but that it is already serving as a Delphic Oracle. For instance, Shamdemicism is reliant upon computer models as is the allied religion of Anthropomorphic Climate change, which are both cults built around the delusion of our technological subjugation of the cosmos—the chest-thumping self-worship of apes.]
Another side note on lucifer - Tolkien had a fallen valar called Morgoth - in the Silmarillion. He was Sauron’s master and appears to be modeled of the prince of darkness. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on that book. I've not read it all, but it seems like his version of the bible. A foundation for the world of middle earth. It seems like the dwarves are meant to represent the chosenites with their love of gold and beards.
[I have always been suspicious of the Illuminator being selected as one of our manifestations of the Devil. Sounds like slave religion to me. But what is Modernity and civilization but the worship of servitude, the heroizing of submission and the herding of weak minds? I have truthfully been little interested in Tolkien’s work, which I find both beautiful and banal. It did grow from a children’s story. What I like most about it is his Wraith cosmology and his rendering of the metaphysic as predominantly evil. I have not read the Silmarillion since I was a boy and simply found too much myth and not enough violence for my liking and cannot now render an opinion worthy of my years. I have generally favored the orks as protagonists as they so resemble soldiers of WWI, of the industrial machine.]
Its my pleasure to support your work, as its been the final piece of the puzzle for me. I knew it was all bullshit, ever since I was a child. In kindergarten I was told to pray for world peace, and I refused, stating bluntly it would never happen. at which point the nun told me that’s why I had to pray for it, and for which I told her it was a waste of time.
[Fascinating! Nuns have treated me well, but have savaged some of my friends, being in the main brutal little witches with no spells but rather switches. They are the bride of the lie, I always sensed, and then thought, and now I wonder if they are not just duped into slavery and not the willing executioners of my soul I once sensed, then believed, and then suspected they were.]
I've always been an outsider, and I’m fine with that. I would rather live in solitude than betray my integrity to fit in with a group.
[Interestingly, tribal societies all had a role for those like you to play, and only civilized societies eradicate that hate-free space.]
Anyway, I could go on, but I know you need to keep your eyes for your own writings.
Thanks for everything,
Your mate down under – Marius
[Thank you, Marius, and you are here part of my won selfish writings, so don’t worry. Take care.]
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huerfanoMay 26, 2020 7:17 PM UTC

"Interestingly, tribal societies all had a role for those like you to play, and only civilized societies eradicate that hate-free space."

I've always been a loner too and never really fit in. It must be genetic: Dad and Son are the same. James, could you go into more depth on how tribal societies made us useful.
responds:May 27, 2020 10:00 AM UTC

Will do as an article today.