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‘Occluded from Our Understanding’
Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance by Andy Nowicki
A primer on what is, and what is to be done
2016, Vicious Victim Press, Atlanta, Georgia, 58 pages
“Hunger for the Meat of Souls” was my alternative title for this review, as were a half dozen other finely crafted phrases by the author.
The title is precisely calibrated to eliminate virtually all of the potential readership as it delineates lines of thought defaced, erased and veiled from the American Mind, which is to say the media constructed field of delusion currently being passed off as humanity.
Andy uses the 2001 levelling of our financial phallic symbols and the advent of school shootings as the bookends of information age terrorism by the state upon its chattel. As with Meta Pizzagate, he does not try to debunk our sacred events of victimology, but rather examines the use of the media as a Delphic oracle of this cult of victimology. Andy makes a strong case that our needs, biological and social and spiritual, define our identity. This well-made case prompts this reader to wonder at the importance of such sense of identity remaining among American humanity: is our remnant identity not itself an implanted control mechanism achieved through falsified history?
As Andy moves on into the mechanisms of social control, examining the carrot of prosperity dangled before us as we are hounded by nightmare fears presented by the very same system who dangle that carrot, it occurs that our foundational control mechanisms are housed in our sacred documents, which, upon close examination, can only be taken seriously as articles of faith. The author, speaking as a man of faith marooned in the godless dreamscape of rampant materialism, weaves some melancholy hymns of reason about the fabric of lust and despair that is Modernity.
Conspiracy, Compliance, Control, and Defiance, reads like Ernst Junger’s Forest Passage channeled through the post-warrior mind, the author fully embodying the ennui of the man cocooned in the sterility of apex civilization in which the monstrous is reduced to a cruelly plucking muse. For we are like Odysseus with no foe but Circe, Beowulf without Grendel or the Dragon, living in the hall ruled by Grendel’s mother rather than a king. Andy rationally presents a level of psychic and metaphysic torment difficult to render outside of fiction or verse.
Monstrous manipulation is subjected to the insult of matter-of-fact dissection on the medical examination table of Andy’s omega mind, revealing a reality closed to virtually all of Americaninity. This book is an excellent guidepost for the alienated mind on His journey through the very engine contrived to erase Him.
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