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Toughest Man in Town
Notes on Boxing in American History
The subject of boxing is what first brought me to historical research, then science-fiction, then history for its own sake. Below is a link to a brief historic article about the kind of social fighter who has always been hated by the Machine. Modernity struggled through hundreds of years of birth pangs and when it finally emerged fully formed from the Plantation Era the system of social control reached to the furthest corners of America and its parent nations to outlaw dueling, boxing and any other sort of voluntary, victimless crime against the State. for harming a man with fist, or stick or sword that agrees to the contest—indeed thirsts for it—is a crime against the State because the State lays claim to our ownership.

Albert France- "Toughest Man in Town" | Historic Path of Cattaraugus County
Mon, May 25, 11:51 PM (2 days ago)
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big Ron

Legal prizefighting was an invention of the American System of Control, which sought to eradicate masculine culture by permitting only a select few men to fight in a select few places and curse the rest of men to watch as passive spectators. John L. Sullivan was literally the first celebrity. He was also the pioneer prizefighter that straddled the era of illegal masculine ritual and government sanctioned celebrity event for passive appreciation. Withholding social approval from men such as George Dixon who might have fought 400 unsanctioned bouts, is one way the system herds even the hardest men along channels of approved behavior.
It is no accident that prizefighting really took off when and where the working men of this nation gained their freedom from slave masters. It then took a couple generations to finally purge society of figures like Albert France and usher in State Sanctioned boxing. Every time since, that men have sought to test themselves outside of system control [with MMA and now bareknuckle] some money-making man finds out how to make a profit harnessing it to that system by sanction. Note how in the article Albert was not taken seriously by mainstream boxing historians as a prizefighter because he did not fight along approved channels of social control. For this reason I finally decided to stop trying to get stick-fighting sanctioned as a legal sport, to preserve it from the monster that owns us.
Thanks, Big Ron
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ExileMay 27, 2020 5:26 PM UTC

I'm imagining a society where this kind of grassroots, ad-hoc, informal fighting takes the place of video games and lingerie-wearing twinks fighting CGI monsters. It's a better place. Fun for family & friends, bringing your clan and tribe together.

James, where do you stand on reviving cattle raiding and bride abduction? Asking for my inner Celtic friend.

Keeps the boys on the hunt and off the couch, but the blood-feuding can get out of hand. Readers, see REH's "The Valley of the Lost" and "The Man on the Ground."
responds:May 28, 2020 11:24 AM UTC

I am personally terrified of cattle. I'll stand on a distant hill and take notes.

Valley of the Lost was so powerful.