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Living Under Reconstruction with Juan Stabone, Protagonist of The Last Good Cop
Wed, Jun 3, 4:28 PM (21 hours ago)
You are 100% right in your advice to Deplorables to mask up while staging or operating. After all, TPTB have given us all orders to do so thanks to the Shanghai Sniffles.
I’m reminded of a throwaway line in one panel of the original Watchmen comic:
“Honor is like the hawk. Sometimes it must go hooded.”
Because of the influence of Christianity, the good guys are just too trusting. Future events will knock that out of them, but as Bismark said:
“Only a fool learns from experience. A wise man learns from other peoples’ experience.”

I would like to point out one thing, Juan, that the Cordoba Minus Shamdemic, from January to the Sacred Bantu-Worshipping Unrest of May-June, WAS the Civil War. It was an information war. The war has been won by the conquerors. The fools parading and posing with their guns do not even know that they lost. The inability of Idiot America from understanding war beyond the WWII Context, the inability to see predation undertaken with pure information, has doomed the pale slave ape to an age beneath redemption.
But some of us will survive with our souls intact. So long as a handful remain beyond the gripes of the Shamdemic cult and do not believe in the worship of the new Dark Deity, but pretend under their meat masks, there is hope for a resurrection of humanity. I would venture to say that there might be as many as 20 million humans alive today. As long as two of us remain, there is hope.
Civil War 2 is over.
We are now living Under Reconstruction.
This is how America was conquered in the first place. We should not expect the re-conquest to be any different.
-1. Buy land from the natives.
-2. Get the natives to fight your wars.
-3. Bring in shitty people for replacements and outbreed the natives.
-4. Destroy the native culture with drugs and degeneracy.
-5. Change the laws and customs to keep the natives from protecting themselves from crime.
-6. Appeal directly to native women to get them to teach their sons according to your self-serving beliefs, to adopt your religion over their ancestral faith.
-7. Establish mandatory Indian schools for eradicating vestigial cultural values and adopting the globalist prosperity gospel.
-8. Anytime they defend themselves against a criminal, avenge this act as an attack on the greater polity.
-9. When they try and resist, destroy their economy, whether hunting grounds or industry, or a remnant service economy—destroy it.
We have now suffered the fate of the Susquehannocks and Wompaneg's of 1675, of the Shawnee of 1814, the Confederacy of 1864, the Comanche, Lakota, Blackfeet, Apache...
You are living in enemy occupied territory, paleface.
Act accordingly.
The fight is over—you slept through it—and the long climb from disgrace looms above and ahead.
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