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Hobo History #4 Why Does the Hobo Shitstorian not Answer YouTube Questions?
1:30 AM (12 hours ago)
Since you're unavailable to answer comments, maybe you can answer on a blog post and I can paste responses into videos for the ones I can't respond to that ask you questions directly.
Latest comment in Roanoke video:
"Have you read on the battle of Cartegena Colombia where the Spanish defeated the English including one of G. Washington's family . The Spanish Admiral was a fascinating character .."
Not sure if this is suitable for a video response??
Here's the link for Roanoke vid, again highest performing so far:
Take care

This sounds like the War of Jenkin's Ear. I am not familiar with the battle. Thanks for the head's up. I will seek the tale.
I am sorry for not answering youtube comments directly.
I have had bad eye seizures for the past year and have recently developed almost crippling wrist strain and must limit screen time to my writing. Also, the only time I watch youtube is typically during down time when I am either exhausted or drunk and I'd rather not answer questions in either condition.
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