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Eustace Mullins
The Crackpot Meets His Grandfather?
Hey James, I thought you might find this interesting. I consider him the grandfather of most conspiracy theories, as many of the common knowledge in these circles was unearthed by Mullins.

I find this fascinating. As a person who has had good interactions with the medical establishment, I was struck by the high level of social control within the hospital, the intense and comprehensive systemic nature of the place. For that reason and the fact that we largely worship our physical collective, I decided in 2009 when starting the Sunset Saga that my future science-fiction earth would be run by medical corporations. In the current climate, I'm feeling like we are actually headed in that direction.
"The Church of Modern Medicine" is something that I just thought was a cool dystopian ideal and didn't realize it as being fact until the past few years.
Thanks, M
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