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Working in Maskland
I’m hoping for the old normal.
This is stupid. You know how hard it is to work for eight hours straightening shelves, stocking and fluffing up end caps with a mask on, fogging up your glasses, sliding up your chin.
Then this woman comes in the store without a mask on and I tell her that she is supposed to have a mask on and she claims she has a health condition. So I tell her that if any government people come in here and see her that we could get shut down.
So I go to the courtesy and tell them that in case we have any complaints that I have already spoken with the woman in question. And sure enough, by the time I get to the counter I have complaints that not only is this woman not wearing a mask but she is not social distancing.
Social distancing?
How about lack of highway distancing.
I’m on Six-Ninety-Five and this idiot in a Mercedes is driving by himself with a mask on sliding up around his eyes and can’t see the road and he comes to a dead top in the center lane of the interstate and I barely swerve around this asshole.
Mask, masks go away!
-Miss Ezz
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