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Baynesville Stroll
This afternoon, between 1:06 and 2:11, I took a walk in the sun.
A handful of ivories and a murder of ebonies were out and about, almost all of them wearing masks in various attitudes, half having their noses uncovered.
Pastories Deli was open for the first time since the advent of the Shamdemic.
The Raven Inn was closed but the lights were on, so I went around back. I went around back and no closed signs were up. The Raven has front and back entrances. There were also a handful of cars and trucks in their lot. So I entered and found one of the owners, the wife, cleaning and arranging signs. My query required no verbiage and she lit up:
“We open up at five. It’s Hogan’s thing. Bars and restaurants can open at five today and then it is business as usual, same hours as normal from here on out. I hope to see you then! Have a nice day and thanks for stopping in.”
I saw some signs on the table about masks and sitting at the bar. So I’m wondering how “usual” business will be. However, if I can show up in the morning for breakfast when it’s slow and use the wyfy, that would be great.
On the way back to the Land Lady’s house I called Megan and scheduled a visit with her and Emma. She had to vent about the rise of the Ebon God:
“With this virus bullshit my brother Michael died of a heart attack from neglect after working and paying taxes his whole life and raising his kids and even some of his grandkids. And we weren’t even alowed to have a funeral. We had to come into the funeral home one at a time and stay six feet from the casket. But this criminal, Floyd, he gets four funerals, a golden casket and stadiums full of people crowded together and we are supposed to pray to him like he’s Jesus on the cross! I was born poor, lived poor and will die poor, just like Michael. I’ve been fired from one job for not having sex with a black man and from another job for talking back to a black man who called me a white bitch. And this is supposedly my country? And I’m supposed to worship the ground these thugs walk on because I have some kind of privilege I’ve never figured out how to cash in? This is the country my Father fought for? I’m done.”
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