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Abdication Season
Last night I had a conversation with a man who was a radical liberal in the 1960s—a self-described hippie—whose views on life and civics have not changed at all since 1968, who is now accused of racism and being a Nazi even, because he does not support the reign of crime. He is an important source for normal view reflection for this investigator of the Body Catatonic otherwise known as America. Unlike my relatives and many normal people, this man looks critically at the standard news reported in a liberal rag called The Baltimore Sun, an overtly rancid publication in my view.
He recorded all of the information on Dread Minus death and sickness from this paper and developed a spreadsheet from the information published daily by The Baltimore Sun, which absolutely refutes the headlines, articles and op-eds promoting hysteria published by the same paper.
He groaned when one of us suggested that this election season is going to be trying. He then indicated the possibility that whoever loses thee election will not recognize their defeat [which has already happened over the past 4 years] and that the Orange Man might stay in office as dictator if he loses the election.
This latter possibility is fascinating coming from him, in that he is only imbibing mainstream leftist news, not radical leftism.
This utterance suggests to me that the very same people who plant opinions in the radical right do so in the radical left and now in the mainstream.
I well recall that many on the Right [which is not a true Right in America, in any form, but a reactionary form of dissenting centrists among a tiny minority alienated from the collective] suspected and warned against the possibility of President Frothy Latte refusing to leave office if his heir apparent, the Gorgon Queen, failed to win the election.
Neither of these outcomes are currently possibilities. However, as a means of sowing civil discord among the sissy American Collective [1] I see this as a masterstroke, a planting of mirror image negative expectations with no chance of occurring, in order to plant actionary and reactionary seeds of unrest amongst the more active nodes of the mindless mob.
I do not think that the Orange Man will attempt to reign as dictator when he cannot even function as president without facing constant friction from his underlings, However, the suspicion of this possibility will help radicalize normal people towards the warring margins of the hate continuum that is Modernity. Be conscious of the fact that the ideas fed to your opinion shapers are fed to the opinion shapers they rant against, most likely by the same, centrifugal force.
-1. Our society is so emasculated, in large part, due to democratic politics put into play by the elite to keep the masses fussing, arguing, whining, parading, voting and mostly watching and doing drugs from the sidelines as the Oracle screens stream the strife of our gods before our troubled minds.
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