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Who’s Boss?
A Big Ron Relation
[Ron came over to the Land Lady’s house to drink the six-pack of beer I got him—a rare chance for me to buy, as he usually pays at the bar. I had rum in ginger extract and cinnamon tea.]
I was supervising the layouts and execution of these [convenience stores] my company has been building around the state. Its just a shit show. These two idiots from Pennsylvania are drinking on the job and leaving their bottle caps in front of the job site. This other idiot is smoking pot on the job. These other two idiots are snorting this white powder off of paper while they’re on the job and I have to tell them, “I catch you doing this shit again and you’re off the job.”
The idiots with the beer bottles, my boss wouldn’t even have known about that if they were with it enough to clean up their bottle caps.
Other than the Pennsylvania idiots, these guys were predominantly Hispanic. There is this one big one who has been fired for fighting people a few times. He picks on the other Mexicans. But they brought him back because he’s a good carpenter. One day he is up on the scaffold yelling at me, telling me to do something. So I yell at him and tell him to get down off of there and I tell him, ‘Look, you and I are going to step off to the side and punch each other in the face and find out whose boss. We’ll get locked up together, get fired together, go to the hospital together—but I’m not having this. So, let’s go.”
Of course, he backed down and all of the little Mexicans he’d been pickin’ on were real thrilled with that, liked me a lot after that.
Now, down at [the hospital] I’m working with a crew of guys—all [blacks] from the neighborhood—real idiots.
I’ve got this one guy who is a young kid and a real agreeable guy. He’ll do anything you show him to do to the best of his ability, which is not much. You pretty much have to stay with him. And whatever you show him how to do, the next day, he’s totally forgotten it. You have to retrain this guy every single day. It’s sad, really. But he doesn’t cause any trouble.
The head nurse down there says that the [Dread Minus] cases have leveled off and that they only spiked because they brought people in from elsewhere. I think there are some real nefarious, real evil people in government, in the various agencies, who are looking at this situation keenly for lessons on how they can affect more population control and population reduction.
Speaking of the need for population control, I have this other guy on my crew down there who is married and has five kids. One week he misses two days because he got beat with a baseball bat. By the way, these guys are terrified of the Mexicans down on South Broadway, won’t even go down there. He comes into work with his skull stapled together, split right down the middle.
Then he misses two more days for [author cannot remember.]
Then, he misses two more days over having a child with this other woman and the blowback from that. Because he had to tell his wife that he had knocked this other woman up because she was all set to tell his wife on him.
What a pack of idiots these guys are.
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