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Closing the Portal of the Temple of Lies
Why Might the System of Control Be Determined to Close its Mass Indoctrination Centers?
Today I spoke with Megan about Emma’s coming first year of school at age 5. She “lucked out” by having been accepted into a catholic kindergarten class back in February. The parents of her friends are in a panic, hoping to get their children enrolled in catholic schools, with no luck, as these traditional Baltimore Area schools are full. You see, the public schools in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Maryland, under Commissar General Hogan, are supposed to be closed this coming autumn.
According to a news broadcast on FOX I was treated to, last week across the country the debate rages, Liberal Zombie parents yearning for their children to remain home, and Conservative Cuck parents baying for the reopening of the indoctrination centers which have already turned generations of young minds against their parents and forefathers.
Why do the victorious Liberals seek to close the indoctrination centers where they were programed for their recent totalitarian triumph?
As a Third Position observer, being neither Liberal nor Conservative, Christian or Atheist, but a heathen who chaffed once against a 2,000-year invalidation and now against its succeeding orthodoxy, I find both seemingly incongruous positions fascinating, and find each bespeaking of a paradigm shift, one of victory and one of defeat.
The Liberals have won, tradition is dead and gone and the only religions tolerated across the land will be non-Christian, overturning the declared foundational faith of this nation in favor of the actual and undeclared foundational faith of this nation—Mammon and his moneyed minions.
In order to achieve this it was necessary to indoctrinate generations of soft-headed sloths who innocently thought they were human into the hive mind.
That done, only the future overseers and rulers of the mind herd need to be indoctrinated. For the New Church Ladies will be indoctrinated in their self-hating seminaries, while the mass of mind-slaves can be effectively rendered into drones of the Mob Mind by remote media at less expense and on a far larger scale. This will also serve to impoverish parents unable to scrap for two incomes in the “real economy” and make the holders of government jobs [most of which are to go to the newly elevated knightly class] relatively more affluent, thus building a Mandarin class of system servitors.
Every plan or evolving system has a flaw, and the flaw in this one is that non-slave parents will be able to educate their own children outside of official channels of indoctrination.
So why do cucked conservatives want to send their children back to school?
American conservatives are born slaves who only yearn for the righteous knee on their neck in imitation of their new Christ. At least the Mameluke and Janissary war-slaves of old once ruled in their turn. But the modern American equivalent, through the self-denial of his hereditary dispossession, fails to understand his own plight.
What is more, how can a human parent want their child locked into a prison-style kill box, the very kind of school that tormented me, my brother and my oldest son, where we were actually attacked and tortured and gas-lighted by abusive adults and enemy youth?
Perhaps it is for his own good that the cuckold fails to see his own plight. For the forces straddling him are so powerful as to be beyond his comprehension, let alone within his power to address.
Just like the classic cuckold enjoys watching his woman used by another man, the conservative seems to enjoy watching his child’s mind turned against him by his masters.
If you want your children going back to public school, do not be surprised when they emerge filled with hate and loathing for you and your forefathers.
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