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Desecration Nation
Reconstruction 2 Operational Notes
People had asked me on 7/17, why Catholic statues, particularly of the Mother Mary, have been desecrated by Reparations Recover Agents during the opening stages of Post-Civil War Reconstruction. I have had two phases of suspicion which have now coalesced into an actionable observation.
Stage 1 of the paradigm shift was the various shamdemic edicts which forbade church attendance, leaving each church-going American with a clear choice between God or Government. Almost every American chose the Altar of the State. As I pack my gear for a journey west in the awful shadow of Baltimore, catholic churches proclaim on their exterior, “Stay at home with God. Be safe,” and other such drivel, along with BLM and rainbow banners.
To install a new operating system all previous ethos and faith must be erased. By attacking Catholic churches, the Deep State and NGO actors attack the most ancient Christian church, the most prominent symbols of European legacy faith, and at the same time pick on the faith with the weakest identity, and most elderly members.
But the Catholic Church supports massive population replacement of Americans by Catholic Latinos and has been on point with System Orthodoxy by failing to resist and rather encouraging all suppressive shamdemic measures. The key came on a brief news blurb yesterday, which I overheard as my driver scanned audio media.
2. Some Fundamentalist Christians, who generally regard Catholics as devil-worshipping fools unwittingly praying to ancient pagan imagery, have come out and stated that any desecration of the image of Jesus of the Crucifix, will be cause for action.
This is what the NGO and Deep State and Media Priesthood wants. Hard Left podcasts sanctioned by Deep State agencies, such as It Could Happen Here, have successfully framed Christian gun owners as mass murderers for the suburban and urban listening audience, misreporting crime stats from suburban zones as crimes in rural zones, for instance. Conservative religious folk in America still think that Civil War 2 has not been fought, when it has, and lost. Going to war is a process aimed at getting the population and its defenders to take a knee and submit. There are hundreds of videos and photos of Americans kneeling before and praying forgiveness from their new human gods. The war has been lost. Any armed resistance will be treated as treason or heresy, or as insurrection at least.
Therefore, any action taken by Christians to save their churches will be cites as an insurrection, a usurpation of police powers which are already subject to invalidation by the System itself.
Church desecration is bait laid out by the atheistic NGOs and Deep State agencies to lure Christians into a state of insurrection. Catholics are not the targets, they are the bait. The unchristian nature of gun ownership will be cited by Media at some point during this purge of Christians that is coming. I suggest abandoning the churches that you already declined to attend out of obedience to evil men and find new catacombs in which to congregate Under God, as the ancient Christians did. Secret worship must be a facet of Faith in this dawning Dark Age.
As reference one should consider, that while this nation was overtly formed “under God,” that many of the actors were not Christian, but Deistic [such as Franklin and Jefferson (1)] and non-Christian [such as various financiers (2)]. How else, shall our ruling atheistic elites achieve their vison of deification and godhood, but by first destroying our faith in God?
The shamdemic was a system test, and the crux of that test was a determination of where human faith resided in America.
What did Americans fight for by disobeying and challenging arbitrary and unconstitutional edicts by governors?
Americans rarely rallied around worship in opposition to the government. But in nearly every state we rose in defiance on behalf of one of our true and petty gods—that holy dollar in which we all trust, or the martyred Christ renamed Floyd.
The masters took the measure of our resolve and saw only an inkling attached to money and a gushing spring erupting from the fountain of guilt and self-hatred. So now they deal our hand, snickering in the surety of our proven actions.
-1. The Jefferson Bible, and Thomas Jay’s biography of Franklin
-2. God in the Government, recently written by a Pennsylvania Christian Historian, who cites many cases of non-Christian cooperation in the formation of these United States.
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