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Letters From Lives That Matter
Testimonials From The Students of Color of Caucasian Karate Instructor
My friend Sensei Steve has specialized in teaching karate to children in Baltimore, Maryland since 1990. The parents, couples and single parents, are often so impressed with Steve’s work that they enroll in class alongside their children. As the world of human exploitation regains its equilibrium and society seems to be losing its collective mind, a look at letters from a past age when people could gather indoors to practice self-improvement might stand as a reed in a swamp of insanity. In this pervious age, a man of evil complexion could interact with his moral superiors without apologizing for the condition of his birth without taking a knee, and his students could practice his craft without wearing a mask.
August 9, 2012
To whom it may concern,
Our daughter, Aneesa, has been a student in the karate class at the Weinberg YMCA since March of this year. Her instructor is clearly competent and skilled, and shows sincere concern for his students’ progress in karate, and in life in general. “Sensei Steve”, as we call him, has done a wonderful job helping Anessa become more disciplined and able to focus on a given task. She also loves karate, and takes the initiative to practice what she is taught at home.
We are quite pleased with the results of her participation in the class. The fact that it is held at the same YMCA we regularly visit adds value and convenience as well. It is our hope that Anessa’s development in karate will continue to flourish under “Sensei Steve’s” tutelage for some time.
Kaisheem & Kimberly [redacted]
I love karate because I get to learn something new. Karate gives me patience and control over my emotions. Even though at times I’m not my best mentally, physically and /or emotional, I still learn discipline. The different type of techniques and combatants teach me control and defense. I feel its good to know how to defend rather offend. I will take what I’ve learned in this class and apply to the rest of my life.
Gary Jr.[redacted]
I’m the father of student Gary Jr. [redacted]. I’m writing to express my interest in your Martial Arts class. My son has great interest in your class. He enjoys attending and really would love to be able to expand his experiences well beyond the summer. Karate has taught him things that I as a father only wish I could teach him. I see a level of confidence in him that wasn’t there before the class began for him. Also being there and watching classmates proves that he’s not alone in his admiration for this class. It’s a great experience on so many levels for the children and the parents. I would really be disappointed to see it come to an end. So if there is any possible way to keep this program thriving you have my full support.
Proud father,
Gary Sr. [redacted]
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