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A Myth of the 20th Century Heads up from my Favorite Deposed Hapsburg Monarch
Hey James,
I think you might enjoy this episode.
-Maximillian Rex

Thank you, Max. When I get back online I look forward to catching up on some Myth20 podcasts. I’ll make this my first.
The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant ideal has always seemed false to me, for the very reason that the movers and shakers in British-American society were largely deists like Jefferson and Franklin and root Abrahamic not to be named, and revisionist Abrahamic Congregationalist like Increase and Cotton Mather, not classic protestants.
Secondly, it always struck me as false that this idea of the Anglo-Saxon race ignores that they were mixed with Romano-Breton, Jutes, Welsh, Cornish, Danish, Scottish, Dutch and Hanoverian German and that they were ruled over by Normans and advised by Non-Christian bankers and human traffickers.
In other words, the ideal of the WASP has always buzzed discordantly in my untrusting ears, especially when one considers that the crux of American high political culture is a mixture of class patrimony passed down through the generations buttressed by class induction of the most promising and ambitious low-class and ethnic “whites,” thus making this an economic “race,” with little religious coherence and a propensity for selling out in the name of efficiency and increased scale.
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