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Should a Driver Wear Sunglasses in an Combat Situation
Stan commented on Pale Hunting
Jul-18-2020 9:43 AM UTC
Should one wear sunglasses in such circumstances, or just go bare-eyed?

Excellent question, sir.
I was recently accosted by a bantu warrior in some part because he judged me cowardly for wearing sunglasses like a cop as I walked through his mini ghetto.
However, in general combat situations involving vehicles and weapons you want eye protection.
Rather than sunglasses I suggest safety glasses as they will do well at night, in various dark battle frames and will not give the impression of avoiding eye contact while still having eyes on the antagonist.
You want to use discipline not to get into a stare down and also demonstrate alert eye activity to ward off attacks triggered by a seeming lack of awareness on the part of a potential mark.
Insurgents around the world have an animosity towards sunglass wearing men.
There is also the issue of chemical spray, bleach, spit, blood and other nasty stuff you don't want in your eyes.
Safety glasses are also good for the type of work that will increasingly be permitted members of the pale class, repairing infrastructure and such, activities that require tools, tools that can be generalized for self-protection.
Strength and Secrecy, Stan.
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LittlebookJuly 25, 2020 10:33 AM UTC

What kind of eye protection is suitable for getting punched in the face or struck with weapons?

Seems like a tricky balance. Needs to cushion against the facial bones and be secure against slippage.

Probably need a visored helmet, I'm guessing.
responds:July 25, 2020 1:03 PM UTC

Posted my answer in an article, 'Right of Bang'

Stay well.
RickyJuly 25, 2020 2:24 AM UTC

Life, limb and eyesight are the priorities in combat medicine. Having a set of gascans with clear and dark lenses is cheap, going through life with no depth perception right of bang is expensive.
responds:July 25, 2020 1:03 PM UTC

Thank you, Ricky.

I posted your comment in the article you so neatly titled for me, 'Right of Bang.'