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White Trash History of Policing
A Personal Litany Of Systemic Hateism
My closest ebony associates have in their collective lifetimes been harassed by the police less than I have in mine. Both of our classes in transitional harm city were targeted by police for harassment. I attribute my higher incidents of police harassment being roughly four times as high as theirs with Oliver accounting for almost all of their collective harassment by the police to them being a motorist and I being a pedestrian.
Interestingly, Oliver’s most frighten encounters with police have been with police of his own race. Keeping in mind that we were both subject to the same police departments [Baltimore County Police] [Baltimore City Police] it is further interesting that 26 of the 28 police that harassed me were from my own race, and that I was once saved from a blond female officer by an ebony male officer.
Having interviewed numerous victims of police beatings of both races it is a constant that the same-race officers take the lead in the brutality of the target. In fact, Freddie Grey was killed by six officers, three of his race and three from the ghost race, and the Supervising Officer was a member of this own race.
It’s obvious to this lowly observer that the psychology of municipal policing holds at its key the elevation of members of the same ethnicity over their fellows as enforcers, establishing a cast hierarchy based on sanction of applied force. Readers having been indoctrinated into the lie of police poverty, might doubt this. However, as a person who has while living in Baltimore made between 12 and 40 K dollars a year, and topped out between 2006-2010 at 52-82 K a year, managing a 100 person grocery store, I know different. I always knew police officers did well, because so many of them could afford to buy bars, got the best health care and retirement packages available, and that 71% of the BPD earned enough money in Baltimore City to live in neighboring upscale municipalities. The most galling thing for me as I became crippled in my 40’s after a lifetime of unloading trucks and stocking shelves and being harassed by cops coming to and from work, was, that as my body broke down and my earnings began to slip that cops that had joined the force at the same age I started working as a grocer, had already been retired 5 or 10 years and were pulling in a pension. Where all the lies came from about police being poorly paid, I don’t know, but they’ve always made more than me. Below are four police officers that recently terrorized and abducted a home contractor in Baltimore County, which is outside of their jurisdiction.
The Baltimore Sun, Saturday, July 11, 2020, Page 10.
-Homicide Sergeant James Lloyd: Base Salary $ 101,000, Gross $138,500
-Detective Juan Diaz: Base Salary $87,200, Gross Salary $129,900
-Detective Manuel Larbi: Base Salary $80,300, Gross Salary $140,500—putting in work holmes!
-Detective Troy Taylor: Base Salary $91,800, Gross Salary $135,000
Let’s set aside the suspiciously round gross salary figures for each of these members of the knightly class. Okay, let’s not: in forty-one years of tax returns, I don’t recall ever having a tax return ending in two round figures let alone three! Looking at these gross salaries and expecting that they were not padded and rounded is like the fight card I was at in 2012 in which the promoter expected me to believe that 14 men weighed in at exactly 170 pounds!
The highest income precinct in Baltimore is South Baltimore, with an average individual income around $110,000. In the poorer areas of Baltimore where these men do most of their work, failing to solve most murders [such as Harlem Park where Detective Lloyd declared that Detective David Suter committed suicide while investigating a murder] the typical household income is less than $30,000 and only one in four of employed people can afford an automobile, while Lloyd and his henchmen are free to drive around in government cars at no expense. A typical police officer commands a standard of living in excess of all thirty households on a typical West Baltimore block, making him a true member of a knightly class.
Now consider that the money reported as being earned by these men is merely a platform for their rackets where the real money is made.
-extorting white trash
-robbing ebony and Latino pedestrians
-blowjobs from female motorists seeking to avoid traffic tickets
-confiscating and reselling weapons
-robbing drug dealers
-misreporting cash and drug confiscations on drug busts and pocketing the difference
-selling the drugs
-setting fire to houses for real estate speculators
-private security work…

Examples from my personal experience
-Three detectives tried to force my co-manager to authorized them to write checks out of an unidentified woman’s checkbook, claiming she was a girlfriend.
-A big redneck cop was following me on pay day and was accusing me of crimes. I suspected he was trying to rob me of my paycheck and took evasive action.
-My ebony store detective, an off duty BPD officer, was stealing from the store and I pretended not to notice.
-An ebony state trooper threatened to “beat” my “ass” after I refused to let him come into the store after hours and take what he wanted.
I could go on and on here but I would like to reference the parallel war on reality in my lifetime. Most Americans believe that serial killers and mass shooters are men of my race. In 1965, the FBI set up mass shooter parameters that defined a mass shooter as someone that killed 4 or more in the same incident, rather than shot and attempted to kill three or more in one incident. This was done to exclude handguns, for only an expert hand-gunner slaughtering people—usually co-workers—in an enclosed space –with which he is intimately familiar, have a reasonable likelihood of generating four or more fatalities. This reflects federal law enforcement concern over dealing with snipers using long guns capable of penetrating body armor. In the meantime, for every mass shooting by some insane ghost man, there are typically hundreds of multiple hand gun victims at the hands of ebony hand-gunners. Yet the perception generated by lethality-based statistics based on the Texas Tower shooting of 1965, is that only men of that type commit mass violence. In Maryland for instance, the great firearms fear is that of the lone man with the long gun. In reality, most of the multiple shootings are conducted with handguns by members of a race capable of only innocence, and the minority of shootings with the long guns are typically conducted by SWAT teams serving boot and shoot warrants on ghost gun owners based on red flag reports that they own a gun. In 2019, twice as many unarmed ghost peasants were killed by police than unarmed members of the nightly class. Amongst violent criminals, ghost crooks are more likely to be killed by police that there nightly counterparts. [See Candice Owens June report on YouTube.]
The latest police action adventure TV series is a Swat reboot starring the handsome ebony actor who played the action star in the long running Criminal Minds TV series. People do not think that TV fiction matters. But video fiction is the most important tool in the construction of an operational collective delusion. For instance, most martial arts and self-defense doctrine is based on TV stunt work and therefore fails on contact with reality.
Reality shows us that serial killers “come in all races.” I have no idea what the portions are. But surely the hundreds of serial killers in Baltimore City who have each slain three or more victims of the same demographic using consistent methodology, have not been listed as serial killers because of their race. In 2016, the BPD declared that it knew of 130 trigger pullers at large. In a city were 300 murders go unsolved every year, indicating a deep pool of repeat pattern killers who operate according to the following:
-Victim: African-American, male, under 30 years old, involved in the drug trade
-Method: Walk-up approach, handgun, no witnesses [indicating pattern of intimidation]”Snitches get stitches”
I viewed this show Criminal Minds with my mother, my aunt, my sister and two lady friends approximately 70 episodes. I asked each of these ladies if they had ever seen a serial killer depicted in that TV series, about the behavioral profiling unit at Quantico that were not Caucasian men because I had never witnessed any other kind of serial killer depicted on the episodes I watched. One of the ladies said that there was one serial killer of color. They had all watched all of the episodes at least once. They all informed me that there were two serial killers in the life of the series that were ghost women, not women of innocent hue. So the report of the collective five TV watching ghost dames is Two Female Ghost Killers, and One Male Killer of Color. Since I don’t have the time or means to view all these episodes let’s double the reported numbers in case the general tone of the series in which ghost men are consistently and overwhelmingly evil has distorted their perception.
So, we have six serial killers, that are not fiendish pale face men. Each episode solves a single crime. So, let us take quick inventory to see how many episodes of Criminal Minds have been aired.
According to Wikipedia, Criminal Minds ran from 2005 to 2020 for 324 episodes which means that it is a prime element in the on-going construction of our false narrative, of our collective delusion. This brings one to wonder if a significant portion of the serial killer media cult gripping this country over the past generation is not in fact a mythic creation.
The important thing, is that in the delusional fantasy world resided in by 95%-plus of Americans, the only people who engage in repeat pattern killing are men of my general racial type.
According to the narrative of our matrix I am obviously The Enemy of All the World. The police, whatever form they take, once they are chastised and reprogrammed, will be doubling down in my direction, and hence I consign myself to the shadows cast by my dusky masters.
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