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Hobo History #4
Part 2 of a History of Policing
I am very pleased to be working with Oliver on this project.
As we sped out I-95 one day he asked me how I felt about working with him on this in "the current climate," and I answered that I would be basking in the protective aura of his ebon glow and he roared with laughter, his children somewhat bemused...
I just hope I don't get him in any trouble for my failure to remain up to date on newly tabooed words.
Thanks, Oliver.
Sun, Jul 26, 11:57 PM (11 hours ago)
here it is:
James Bogus10 hours ago (edited)
just watched both videos. never heard of you before; and so it took me 4 hours to finish, because i was compelled to fact check throughout. You are legit, everyone of your claims is verifiably accurate(with one exception, i couldnt find anything verifying your claimed etymology of the word "pressman", however im aware "impressed" shares etymologic roots with your claimed etymology of "pressman"). I was only 16 when katrina happened, so i am shocked to learn blackwater was on the streets of new orleans! great vid, very educational. Im.... "impressed", youve earned my sub :)
Preview YouTube video Brief History Of Policing Part 2 | The Evolution Of Policing | James LaFond | Hobo History
Almost forgot to send the link
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