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Afterdark Completed
Surviving the Postmodern Hate Brain: 7/20/20 thru 7/29/20
Afterdark at 18,465 words over 103 pages
A Gathering of One 7
Ukrainian Reverie 8
Gathering of None 12
Among the Basketball Americans 13
Ukrainian Hate Train 15
A Gathering of Three 16
After Dark 19
College Park Pitstop 20
Filthadelphia Echo 23
Middle River Meetup 25
Desecration Nation 27
Closing the Portal of the Temple of Lies 32
Bare-Eyed? 36
'Right of Bang' 41
‘What about the Coming Race War?’ 45
‘The Most Christ-Like Figure’ 53
Rage against the Yeti 56
Darrin 64
‘Are You an Aryan?’ 66
Sneak Thief Policing 68
Pain beyond Pain 70
‘I Got Fired’ 73
‘Got Stomped’ 76
Empathy in Blue 80
‘Hi’ 83
The Stout Frank and Crimson Bard 85
American Retard 89
Cunt of Scales 93
Mind of the Queen 96
Unbowed 100
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menthol rampage
the lesser angels of our nature
taboo you
book of nightmares
the gods of boxing
behind the sunset veil
the greatest lie ever sold
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