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‘Feeding My Family’
The nude news is not up and running because of the Dread Minus. So I did not have a bevy of bimbos to coach on reading the news and judge as to their charms. Before our Hobo History recordings I sat as Oliver cooked and he listened that his children were doing their morning reading out loud in the other room…
Oliver makes fried Jamaican dumplings, eggs and hash for breakfast as we speak about his permaculture project he has around his deck, providing food and back door security. Recalling the Father’s Day fishing trip he took me on last year, I asked him about his boat and he told me that he took his children down to the marina during the advent of the shamdemic and he was told that he could not go out on the water, that law enforcement was locking down water travel, “which made no sense at all. Speaking of which, who gets pulled over by DNR [Department of Natural Resources] cops on I-95?” referencing to a scene which we had seen the previous day.
It seems that in Maryland, under Satrap Hogan, that various law enforcement entities are flexing long-atrophied and latently aspirational thews.
Oliver then explained to me, as he kneaded biscuit dough and used his smart phone to make a deal for a new sports car to add to his fleet of discount automotive purchases behind the permaculture briars in the yard, that he researched the Governor’s Edict and saw that one could go out on the water if one was fishing for family food, which was his intention anyhow, as a natural West Indian Redneck and poacher.
Every gate that is closed to the mewing herd opens a gap in the control continuum for the wolf-minded soul.
I am often reminded of the Sheep, sheep-dog and wolf metaphor as our society is reordered, a metaphor which always conveniently leaves out the shepherd as the real deciding force, which makes the metaphor doubly valuable in this day, when the unspoken power behind the day’s events remains coiled and potent.
I understand and respect the shepherd, the wolf and the sheep dog and only despise the sheep. Any world view that champions the sheep fold is either false or immoral. The sheep fold, or in this case human society, is nothing but an undeserving, quivering mass of twisted corruption over which the true actors contest as a resource.
As the sheep dogs in blue are neutered the wolf age begins. Wouldn’t it be grand if some of the sheep reverted to mountaineering and stopped mewing for their masters?
Then we would have a real world again.
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