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Crackpot Transient Phase
Thanks to my kind friends in the East, 30 books have been completed this year. This has caused some physical problems with the hands and eyes. Besides, a hobo has to move. So I am taking a rest of a kind and will be reading pulp fiction by Samuel Finlay and a novel KING OF DOGS BY ANDREW EDWARDS as I make my way to where the Mudslide River meets the Beautifulpeople River to make the Good River—I’m off to Deginewida, with my apologies to the god of inverted vowels.
Being here in the east, in the bowels of the beast, I can’t very well condemn people to third-party ostracism by thanking them by name, like I would out west. However, my longsuffering Land Lady deserves some credit for doing me better than the blue’s poet’s land lady did before he was left ordering one more shot, one more bourbon and one more beer.
I should be online again August 6 2020, shamdemic permitting.
Thank you.
James, 7/31/2020
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