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I check my flip phone for news, brief texts and postage stamp images for which I cannot read the text, from some few souls who like to keep me informed.
This was yesterday’s news, of course.
Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and Mrs. Butterworth, long cultivated commercial food icons, are being retired. It has been three years now since I worked in retail food and ten since I have bought, so I do not know how many manufacturers this represents. It might be all the same company, and if different companies, they are probably represented by the same brokers.
It is amazing that carefully manipulated images used to sell us advertising, which then sells us way overpriced and undervalue food, hold a purchase on our mind. This should tell us how propagandized our society is.
Ironically, the images of African American cooks and bakers were chosen as comforting for the white consumer in a former age, indicating an implicit trust harkening back to the days when the elite were served by lowly folk from Africa rather than by folk from their own land, while the folk from their own land starved in swamp, forest and mountains or toiled in the fields and slept on the barn floor. The use of these elite symbols of dominance to sell food to the descendants of the white slaves of yore in the age separating us from the Plantation Era, back when black folks might sing, “I’d rather be a N*^^%$ than a poor white man,” demonstrated a commercialized and systemic drive to cultivate a sense of white solidarity across class lines. For as middle class women cooked for their hard working men, the elite yet retained blacks as kitchen staff whenever possible.
This was always a symbolic, negative separation of the race along class lines, which the commercial cartooning employed to develop a false feel-good narrative of oneness among the high, middle and low.
Now that elite Ivory America has openly declared a witch hunt upon working Ivory America, in alliance with non-Ivory America, there is really no point in continuing the comforting lie.
It is telling though, that the ancient choice to employ ebony folk in the kitchen instead of cooks of the same race as the feasting elite, and the open and ireful post-modern hatred by ivory elites of ivory underlings, was separated only be a period of delusion, largely cultivated by imagery developed to sell to toiling ivories during that brief period in history when they were permitted to prosper.
In other news.
“Cops in Atlanta charged with murder. Atlanta cops now walking off the job. Rumor of nationwide police strike tomorrow. The world is melting.”
Well, let the PIGs quit.
Why should this old leopard mourn the fact that the hyenas have finally gotten the upper hand over the lions?
They are my enemies all: hunters, tormentors and harriers of my life from youth up to the precipice of old age.
Let them all pay the wages of their sins.
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