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Heroism, Honor, Horses and Hounds
A Look into the Commanding Soul
The tale has already been told about Nathan Bedford Forest’s war horse, King Phillip, a beast which hated the enemy so that he would attack anyone dressed in blue on sight.
Taking from the same fine biography of America’s foremost warrior and horse soldier, Bust Hell Wide Open: the Life of Nathan Bedford Forest by Samuel W. Mitcham, JR., we are treated to the Aryan story in microcosm, namely its focusing under Christianity, which occupied almost exactly half of the 4,000 year long history of this people, from its rise to their now simpering demise, 200 million of us hiding indoors from a chest cold, identified with nothing more than our mortal body and our collective economy.
Forest’s story revolves around his extreme consideration of women, of him rising as a 13-year-old boy to stand up against men on behalf of his widowed mother, of taking his hounds out after a panther who attacked her and avenging her, and despite his crude, heathenistic bearing and values, wooing and marrying a gentile, petite daughter of a minister and enforcing her Christian values as well as his more primitive and Aryan pro-female values.
As a little boy Nathan stood up to large hounds and made them back down.
As a man he was the best Horseman known.
As a warrior he boasted that the sorrow over the thirty horses shot out from under him had only been slaked by his slaying of more than that number of Yankees by his own hands.
As a slave owner he refused to whip his slaves.
As a business owner in the Reconstruction South, Forest was cited by army officials as being too generous to his black sharecroppers and was ordered to stop and he refused.
As the employer of a man who publically whipped his wife, Forrest defended her, killing the young man in a fare fight and was acquitted by a black judge and mixed race jury.
These characteristics, this empathy for the other:
The other gender
The other race
The other tribe
The other species,
Forrest’s marriage to a woman of far more gentile and Christian character mirrors the journey of that race, which took to wife the women of an altogether different race, who had followed the opposite life way of farming rather than herding.
These characteristics so glaringly pronounced among Aryan peoples and sneered at and wondered at by non-Aryans, how much of this can be assigned to the Aryan genesis?
Forest’s extreme generosity is a nomadic trait shared across racial lines.
Forest’s regard for the female is a peculiarity of nomads of the Eurasian hinterlands and was shared only to a certain extent by their horse culture descendants of North America, for while the Crow and the Blackfeet revered their women the Sioux derided the Crow over their maternal indulgences and the Comanche, the strongest of these folks, were glaringly misogynistic.
The high regard for canines is unique to the Aryan warrior experience and its yipping shadow haunts us in our decline.
I am reminded of my mixed-race South African friend Lloyd speaking of the function of apartheid, that it was “whites” separating “blacks” not from whites but from enemy blacks who they slaughtered as a matter of course.
I had my own experience with this running a majority ebony supermarket, where my ebony assistants were forever trying to fire their ebony crew members, who always looked to me as a moderator, not trusting “my own kind” one bit as Reggie, Joe, Gary,Tyrone and others all explained to me during their grievances.
Some colored folk see this as ivory weakness, some as a strength. They all recognize it as a characteristic, a fact that only ivories deny. Yet, when one looks at those groups of ivories who lack empathy for the other, what you find is that Non-Aryan folks are the cruel races, the Berbers, the Sons of Shem, and that the Aryan races least mixed with no-Aryans, such as the Gaelic and Nordics, are the most tolerant of “The other” and show the highest respect for women and dogs.
Simple nomadic origins may account for much of the high regard for the feminine, but the regard for the dog is far less universal and limited to the Aryan. For instance, the Mongols had a high regard for women during their hegemony.
Might this account for the higher margin of success in more complex war setting, in which the Aryan has always outperformed the other, such as in aviation and nautical warfare?
Only for two decades in the 1400s did a non-Aryan people rule the waves out of China. And only for a single lifetime was seafaring the province of Hanno the of Carthage.
Perhaps that complex interaction between man, hound and horse, so heavily ritualized in aristocratic hunting from horseback has fitted this type of man with a key level of cooperative belligerence.
To finish, from Bust Hell Wide Open, I would like to equate the first line of that book with the destination possible for Aryan man:
“On June 13, 1943, Brigadier General Nathan Bedford Forest, the chief of staff for the 8th Airforce, led a squadron of B-17 bombers against the U-Boat submarine base at Kiel, Germany.”
The general paid the ultimate price and his Aryan enemies honored him and did not desecrate his body as Shemitic and African enemies of American service men have repeatedly done with sadistic glee since.
There again is that unusual empathy for the other and a high level of ability, demonstrated by American and German aviators, to interface, under the most extreme stress possible, with the ultimate other, a machine. Nowhere in the skies over this fear-ruled earth have non-Aryan been able to compete in aviation warfare, when seated in the same quality planes, with an Aryan.
The horse is no a machine and in this readers mind, the fact that the masters of our races have explicitly come out against space exploration, is nothing less than compelling evidence that we as a dispersed people have been bound in a global suicide pact, a pact originally entered into in August of 1914.
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ShepAug 12, 2020

"The masters of our races have explicitly come out against space exploration."

Don't wanna be "that guy" , but I gotta point out that the man sitting in The Big Chair has explicitly set goals for the U.S. to return to the moon, establish a permanent base there, and use it as a steppingstone to Mars. He made it a point to attend the recent launch of the private-enterprise Space X vehicle, and in June, 2019 made this statement to the graduating class of the Air Force Academy: "To dominate the future, America must dominate the skies". Six months later, he followed up on this exhortation by establishing the U.S. Space Force, which has the clear potential to grow far beyond its humble beginnings.
responds:Aug 19, 2020

He is just the disobedient meat-puppet in the big chair.

Hopefully this plants a seed. But I think too many Deep State thinkers have read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.
Glasgow NedAug 10, 2020

Great article!
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