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Overtone Railroad Blues
I have been treated so well amongst my friends in the beastly East that I gained 10 pounds of hard-lost fat.
Now, as I look towards the Rockies and a hopeful weight loss, I am sad to be leaving my honorable hosts behind, who, in this wytch-finder age, I cannot name, lest I bring down on them infamy.
Thank you all—you know who you are.
I will be offline until August 20 2020 as I make my way west from the head of the Good-river Valley.

It is of interest that a record number of voluntary inmates of the nation that has held me prisoner and lied to me for these 57 years are fleeing. I lack the means to escape so wander within the twisted media-scape with no intention of leaving, but fading within.
I wonder what these creeps have to say about it:
CNN: A record number of people are giving up their US citizenship, according to new research. Here's why.
-Thanks, Ajay

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