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Dissenting Duck-Eye View
Denise and James Muse about Becoming System Pate
What follows is mere supposition about a world that could never be. I am a fiction writer, after all. Denise and I are just conducting a writing exercise.
I know that:
-Government is good
-God is in the government
-Floyd died for our sins
-I am racially and morally inferior
-Voting is our holy sacrament
-Masks express faith in our collective wisdom
-Social distance is a sacred act of contrition
-Science is an expression of God's will which cannot be questioned...

Denise commented on Getting Chipped Aug-30-2020 10:01 PM UTC
Thank you for your response! We have the same ideas of what's coming. I was raised Jehovah's Witness, so I'm used to being an odd, dissenting duck, so I'm at least lucky to have experience in not having to believe whatever the rest of the crowd does. I find that I'm not afraid to question the mainstream narrative. I got kicked out of a Q group for asking how we know our leader is on our side, considering he's been a part of the elite circlfir decades. I'm pretty much over my loyalty to Republicans after my governor just posted a how to move to our state article to help the hordes of political refugees from dumpter fire states. I see that my comments about concerns for the increase of population is going to bring higher taxes and different values to our state, plus the fact that no state remains red once they get these transplants have been deleted. Most folks don't want want to hear my predictions for what is coming and, like you say or questions about what the motivation is behind mandates. I worked in medical for 20 years and it taught me that most people don't want the responsibility of living their own lives. They're not interested in changing their behaviors and habits to care for their body and improve their health. People generally don't give don't question what they believe or what their told and even if they do, they generally aren't willing to put in the effort to follow through on their concerns. I left dialysis 4 years ago and the previous couple of years the hospital made the flu shot mandatory for their employees, since Medicare was requiring it for reimbursement. I applied for a religious exemption and wore the mask for the whole flu season. A number of other employees would tell me that they didn't want the shot, but either didn't want to wear the mask or thought it was lying to ask for a religious exemption. Even though they were upset and didn't want it, they complied for Convenience Sake.
It comes as no surprise to me that this compliance enforcement is coming from the medical field. I remember having the thought that the HIPPA laws were an easy way to make citizens disappear and no one would be able to track down their loved one, once they entered the hospital. I was raised on expecting the NWO and all the persecution coming from the system. A story about persecution during the second world war has always stuck with me. A witness was arrested and thought the congregation would be a unified community against the interrogators was shocked when one of the elders he knew came out after giving up his religion in order not to be retained as a political prisoner. The elder basically told him, "Screw this! I'm not willing to be tortured.". The part that really stuck with me was this man realized that it was him and God in this together and he couldn't look to depend on other people. I feel more and more that I can relate to that statement. I don't go to church, but I read my Bible often and I can see that the farther society gets away from religion, the worse we deteriorate. The fact that China has said it's going to remove everything from the Bible that doesn't comply with Communism tells me what's in there must be vital to resisting them. It's obvious that today's churches have been willing to mold their beliefs to the current culture and that's what made this culture of compliance so easy. The population is easily brainwashed. I agree with you that the State has become the new religion and few question their ideals. It's easy to see why the masses are so concerned about the plannedemic. The news is made to create hysteria with the programming repeating certain words over and over again. It's so obviously a tool for brainwashing that I quit watching TV news. Most tv has an agenda, so I rarely watch anything, with the exception of my Saturday night date with Lawrence Welk.

Denise, in 1215 the Church made a deal with the merchants to place God under the judgment of Man. In the same document the King made a deal with the merchants to renounce his vow to protect the fighting man and his widows and orphans from the merchants. We are taught that this, the Magna Carta, was the first step in Man's freedom from tyranny when it was the first step into the abyss of debt slavery and debt-based familial and cultural extinction. It set the stage for Plantation America and now globalism. For 800 years all governments have been dedicated to our metaphysical, cultural and moral extinction as humans, in quest to turn us into consumers and food.
Zombie Occupation Government demands that those economically animated corpses of the majority, colonize states where humans yet remain in the majority. Interestingly, these humans insist—largely on a Christian basis—on characterizing their zombie colonists as human, when they are manifestly units of the one-mind hive. I think that fighting in the sphere of ideas and politics with the zombie occupiers does nothing but increase the intensity of their hunger to consume the remaining souls among us. One is better off agreeing on the face and dissenting within and trying to preserve a notion of humanity free of collective imbecility.
The current street theater has no other purpose than to get human nails to pop up beneath the System hammer. The belief in the 2nd Amendment has ironically paralyzed the few remaining human beings into clinging to an artifice and mainlining the struggle in the material sphere.
Every priest, pastor, reverend, preacher, deacon or other holy man who has declined to hold face-to-face unmasked services and encouraged remote worship, no matter how much he clings to ideas of God, guns and country in his sermon, has sold out to evil and will actually work with deprogrammers, social workers, transgender counselors, politicians, police and medical functionaries as a conspiratorial aid in the colonization of your mind and your separation from God. I am predicting, that religious exemptions, at some point in the future, will be contingent on your belonging to a state-recognized congregation, and that such congregations will only be able to maintain their status by working with the System of oppression, similar to the Church wardens of the 1700s who reassigned bastard children from parents to slave drivers as part of their sacred-governmental duties.

Denise Heupel commented on Getting Chipped Aug-30-2020 10:39 PM UTC
I'm worried about the mandatory vaccines and medical tracking that's coming. I can absolutely see an economic collapse coming and we're already seeing food lines in states that have shut down their economy for the last few months and mortgage defaults are expected to start happening in the next couple of months. There is a terrible horse training technique that has the trainer locking the horse in a pen with no food and making it go hungry for a number of days in order to make it compliant. I feel like this is what is happening in big cities and I'm expecting trouble to become a reality this fall. People are already looking to the government to give them food. I can only imagine how easy it will be to get them to agree to just about anything, now that they're desperate. We have been lucky that our state has remained open and we've kept our jobs, but I have concerns about our ability to pay our mortgage when they make chipping and currency mandatory and understand that it's a very real likelihood that I'll have a choice between compliance and freedom and that may even include not agreeing with my husband. Lots of terrible possibilities.
I watched a prepper show once where the white American husband was a gung ho prepper and his Oriental wife, who had survived the Vietnam war hiding out and living in the jungle, said that when SHTF, you don't need all this stuff. I take some comfort in her story and try not to let worry overwhelm me.
I can already see what you're talking about with not trusting people and that they'll turn you in to the authorities. Already seeing people freak out over the masks, so it won't be a stretch to get them to do anything the state asks of them. I'll have to work on not telling people what I think or believe. I'm very blunt and opinionated, but I can see it's a waste of time trying to open people's eyes. I have a vague notion of what adopting a criminal mindset is, but I'll have to work on that one, too. I remember being rather shocked once when you said something about not getting involved in street fights or protecting those you don't know. I think Americans typically believe in fighting to win, where you teach that we must use our street smarts to avoid fighting. It's a whole other mindset.

An economic collapse is among one of the few hopes for postmodern humanity. Our mask cult, media mind control and abject cowardice are all based on our material prosperity.
During the Salem witch trials in 1698, an old woman refused to express her inner thoughts in court, declaring that her opinion was between her and God. The church fathers sentenced her to be crushed between two boards and she was.
Mob hysteria depends on:
-Weakness of mind and lack of discipline
-Weakness of body and being unfamiliar with want and suffering [this is why vision quests and other tribal masculine rituals, include suffering, to strengthen the mind an develop discipline]
The peasant of old was driven to mob hysteria on the first two counts.
The modern American is driven to hysteria on the second two counts.
The cresting into zombie states of madness hinges on the return of superstition. If our new science-haunted world strikes a strong enough chord in the idiot ape mind of despiritualized humanity as resounded among the puritans of old, then fervent irrationality can be expected to take hold like flame.
People will be ripped asunder in the streets for going unmasked.
Christian pastors will preach in favor of mask theology and on the new faith of media anointed saviors just as catholic and orthodox priests and Persian Magi became Muslim holy men and scholars some 1400 years ago.
Churches, like hospitals, will become temples to the Lie, places where dissenters are marked for persecution. The only churches I would trust are:
-Those which meet in defiance of social distancing,
-Without adherence to the cult of the Mask,
-Preferably in secret.
Any pastor who accepted donations after conducting virtual sermons and advising his congregations to "stay home with God," can be expected to swear fealty to the government against God when pressured and has already failed Peter's test.
Look into how Christians practiced secretly under Soviet regimes and you will see that the official churches were stocked with Government spies.
For a normal person, 90% of friends and family will turn against her under coming state and media pressure.
The State is and has always been our enemy. This is why democracy is so satanic, in that it seduces the population into the belief that we have a voice in our own despoliation. Specifically, the most toxic aspect of American Statism is the claim—echoing the atrocity of the Magna Carta—that God has anointed our oppression with his trust. Do not trust patriots who trust in a political God of money any more than you would trust in a shape-changing SJW.
I do think that things will get better after they get worse, in spots.
Most Americans are subhuman cattle because they have never suffered and have rarely experienced or glimpsed reality. Hard times is literally the best hope for a future beyond the hive mind. As the system expands it will weaken and become less effective, which will give criminally minded people a chance as the pious patriots burn at the virtual stake. If that woman at the witch trial would have only lied to the evil Satanists of the Church and stayed true to God within, then she might have been alive thirty years later to tell her grandchildren of the time when devils walked among men as inquisitors and served evil in the name of justice.
We live within the Lie and must lie to the Children of the Lie, or be extinguished.
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