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About Writing #1
Crackpot Podcast News
The smoke on the mountains from burning California has made hiking inadvisable for my wheezing lungs, so I am back early from my posting break.
I am only alive to write, the only overriding purpose I have permitted myself over these past two years since becoming a bum.
Podcasts interfere with my writing on numerous levels.
I have done them only because I have enough whore left in me to want to sell books, and podcasts account for about 1/3rd of my book sales.
I have avoided doing most podcasts for most of this year.
Lynn has two podcasts recorded and set to be released.
I will do one more final podcast with her.
That is it.
Part of the reasoning is that, as the Creep State expands into this age of dueling Orthodoxy, between believers in the demon-haunted world and fanatics of the science-haunted world, doing these podcasts will not only take away my dwindling energy, but will put both of us in danger of being harassed, harmed and deplatformed.
I actually think that the harm attempts will come from the Right, not the Left. I firmly believe that Autumn in a Dying City was banned by the Left and that the other three titles were banned by operatives of the “Alt-Right.” I have also noticed a great deal of passive hatred from Conservative and Right readers and listeners increasing over the past three years.
It has been my deep impression over the past few years, that the strongest hatred for my work comes from the Right, not the Left. Additionally, I and my family have been physically targeted by right wing militants before and I have no desire to cultivate more of that.
That, of course, is less likely than the coming deplatforming. If Lynn and I continue to do Crackpot Podcasts, the chances of the whole lot being taken down along with the voices of friends and comments of listeners, increases. I think keeping the audios as an archive is best.
I have agreed to do another podcast, about a specific topic, with the Myth 20 guys, whenever they summon me. Actually, podcasts embarrass me—me running my mouth so much, and takes away from the tension necessary to write effectively. So, perhaps the occasional podcast on a literary subject other than my fucked-up life might be tolerable. Otherwise, I have about a dozen books left to write, and would like them to be my best.
If you are interest in any near-future predictions, check out my fiction.
I just want to write.
What I write is for another article, which will be put up alongside this one on the Harm City page.
Thanks for your support.
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Dave Ramesses IISeptember 23, 2020 10:38 PM UTC

Probably a wise decision. could be a revival of thought-crime podcasting in a few years when it becomes easier to run voice audio through a model and transform it into someone else voice. Until then, it's too dangerous to use one's own voice and certainly one's true name.

Perhaps in time you can return to podcasting under a pseudonym with neural net voice filter.
responds:September 23, 2020 11:31 PM UTC

It looks like the tech will keep cutting both ways, which is the best we could ask for.
HuerfanoSeptember 9, 2020 7:57 AM UTC

Your podcasts are great. I second what SidVic said. Whatever happens, take care James.
responds:September 9, 2020 1:15 PM UTC

Thanks, Sir
SidVicSeptember 8, 2020 7:44 AM UTC

Well, i have enjoyed your podcasts thru the years and I am sorry that you are phasing them out. Don't become hardheaded about it. Allow yourself to be talked into doing one in the future. I like it when you get excited about a topic and "run your mouth". Reminds me of my best professors in the past.
responds:September 8, 2020 6:15 PM UTC

thanks, SidVic.