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‘Catch Weight Sense’
I am so pleased that a clean, free alternative to the over-regulated, select-an-opponent, disrespectful, pro-wrastling inspired MMA and boxing clown shows is out there.
It looks like what we have here is a middleweight boxer against a light heavyweight MMA guy in a boxing match in which gaming, cheating, hyping, trash talking and other mainline media bullshit is flatly discouraged. To look into the back ground see that half of the audience consist of fighters, coaches and training partners.
The action demonstrates what a disadvantage heavy grappling muscles are in boxing.
If this was bareknuckle, it would be a little closer.
In a knife fight, the middleweight dices and slices the muscle boy up in seconds.
In a barroom setting the muscle man probably takes it to the floor and pounds the boxer out.
In a stick-fight it’s a pick-‘um fight.
With machetes or swords, the boxer takes off that slow extended hand in seconds.
Shields and axes, well, dancing won’t save shorty there.
There are always many ways to read a fight.
Look at how easily Brandon pushes off the little man with the heel of his hand. In an alley or parking lot fight that push sends Maine to the wall and gets him clinched…
This grassroots promotion is better spirited than anything the mainstream has pumped with money.
Cage boxing uses MMA gloves and is very close in rules to LPR.
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JethSeptember 11, 2020 5:32 PM UTC

Hi James - hope you're doing good mate!

Totally with you on the comments about MMA/Boxing money shows - just can't watch them.

Check out this YT link to a British BKB (bareknuckle) fight - such a refreshing change to see top skills with mutual respect between the men fighting.

Warm regards,

responds:September 12, 2020 12:04 AM UTC

Thanks, Jeth.