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Aussie Mick and an American Dick Discuss Science-Fiction Mockdown
There is fucking unbelievable stuff going down in Melbourne with the state lockdown which has devastated the Victorian economy, and Australia’s as well, plunging us into the Third World. Arrests have included a pregnant woman for saying on Facebook that people should protest, another woman being arrested for doing her one-hour exercise outside her house with her baby (the cops said that babies can crawl well enough at home), people having their car windows broke for arrests, and so on.
If ever there was a critique of the police, along the lines of your work, Melbourne sums it up. An entire book could be written, but the state would shut it down quickly.
What is even more interesting about this is that the prime minister has been highly critical of a lock down that has destroyed Australia’s economy. There is criticism of the lockdown by the mainstream media sites, with some popular figures such as Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones, with millions of followers, saying some of things you and people commenting at your site have said about the Marxist agenda behind this. The police have been criticised by both the Left and Right. And still it goes on. Even mainstream high-ranking lawyers have argued that the lockdowns are unconstitutional:
Use is being made of surveillance drones to track anyone venturing outside their prison-homes. Police are going doorknocking to check people are locked in, using the compulsory electoral roll. Overall, this has been more severe than anything seen in China, and certainly anywhere in the West. The Victorian premier at one point said that the measures were given by health authorities, but under media scrutiny, he backed down and said that he did it as a “captain’s call,” as if destroying an economy is a fucking cricket game. Protesters took to the streets last week, and thousands of our friendly neighborhood cops, backed by the army (so much for the separation of powers conservative bullshit), rounded up crate loads of them.
What is of note here is that the mainstream has said that this has gone over-the-top, but the local premier has just done what he wanted. It is a conspiracy within a conspiracy. As we are isolated down here, this sort of bullshit can be conducted.
This is, I think, a social experiment which has been tried on the most passive, dopey people in the world. Seeing its results, like some weird concentration camp medical experiment, such as stitching human heads onto apes, the Elites will be moving to try all of this on you guys, cumming in their pants with sm excitement, when, through voter’s fraud, Queen Karma moves onto the US throne for the final curtain of the West. Fuck! Shit! It is the end, my friend.
From Aussie Mick

Okay, Mate,
Let's get real here and sketch the parameters of our reality.
Phillip K. Dick has never come down from his last and worst acid trip.
We are figments of his nuked imagination.
I suppose he always wanted to be able to fight, so he cast me as a science-fiction writer who can at least beat the shit out of the rest of the science-fiction writers.
You are a character in his unfinished story.
I have to come up with an ending to the story or else you will live in this hell forever.
If I can come up with an ending, Dick will hopefully die of a stroke and we will be cast into welcoming oblivion and be relieved of this insanity.
What is going on now is maximization of population control within tolerable bounds for the purpose of reducing population through locked down people declining to breed. Eventually, compliance with lockdown will be used, like so, to actually reduce existing rather than potential population through a fictional disease.
Sorry, that is a nonfictional disease.
This is a work of fiction.
There is no such thing as a fictional disease—at least not a government-mandated disease.
Step 1
A new disease, let's call it General Respiratory Distress Syndrome, caused by manmade climate change. The victims cease breathing after their highly contagious exhalations infect their loved ones.
Step 2
Household testing kits, possibly even audio-visual examinations conducted by social media medical personal, or maybe mail in swab kits, even drive-by swabs, will be administered. This will probably be first.
Step 3
A household will be kwaranteened, flags flown outside their house, public health banners draped over exterior windows.
A special medical team of mixed law enforcement—possibly SWAT—and emergency medical personnel will enter the home.
The team will remain inside for a brief period of time, described as the minimal safe exposure time, even for professionals in hazmat suits.
The team will emerge from the house, reinforce the cordon of exterior units and call in for a medical examiner.
The medical examiner will arrive, determine that all parties within died of General Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which will not be inaccurate, as the insertion team will have removed the plastic bags they placed over the household's heads after they cuffed them, and the suffocated corpses will tell but one tale and the coroner will be none-the-wiser.
Step 4
The neighborhood will be cordoned off and every household locked in. One by one each household will be checked and discovered to have died of GRDS.
Step 5
Adjacent areas will be treated the same way until entire populations have been eliminated.
Step 6
The zone will be declared too deadly to occupy and will be placed off limits to all non-medical, non-military persons.
Step 7
The zone will now be secretly repurposed for elite occupancy or leveled as a wilderness area or for some other purpose.

The above is just one model. Some unsavory cites will be declared plague cities and locked in and the masses within them will be starved as a military cordon keeps them in the GRDS Containment Zone. These places, in the sequel, will become prisons to which disease deniers are sentenced.
All that is required is a means to jam all outgoing electronic communication from a GRDS house and then zone. The bodies being wheeled out of the first house will insure most Americans will be 100% compliant with media dictates and government edicts.
Well, that's my ending, the declaration of a 100% death rate in an infected city, as a hipster cunt, her soy boy and their tuxedoed poodle—sorry, Phil, a cat named H.P. Lovecraft—watch the grim news while eating Door Delivery Sushi in their living room among fake wood furniture, gay drapes, phony granite coffee table and stucco walls hung with lame postmodern art.

Wake up Dick!
Dude, wake your frazzled mind from that psychedelic space—this is a good ending! You will like it, and then—that's a boy, stroke out already... so we can all scatter to the spiral arms of the galaxy and get out of this place!
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Big CSep 14, 2020

Hey James,

I live out here in Seattle WA, so I tend to keep my ear to the ground in terms of news of any crazy stuff happening.  I stumbled upon this video of this dude getting beaten like a mid to low tier prostitute who nabbed a couple of bucks out of your wallet while you were fast asleep.  I'm staring at my computer monitor saying to myself, "Dude, just freaking run!  Get the lead out and start hauling!". 

(Here is said video)

That being said, would running away be a viable option?  Or would you just end up getting chased down and beaten or even worse, shot. 

I'm an ok boxer, but a better sprinter / medium distance runner (about 6 miles).  That is why I would be asking. 

Thanks,Big C

P.S.I just picked up a copy of Waking Up in Indian Country and so far I find the book funny, yet educational.
responds:Sep 14, 2020

Thanks for the book buy man!

I will answer this as an article as soon as I can view the video.

Take care.
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