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Climate Change Chicanery
A Brief Survey of Cataclysmic Weather Events
“My mom friend got an anonymous letter on her door because her children were outside without masks on.”
-Mother Interior
Masks and religious fanaticism and witch-burning [some ghosts will be burned alive this decade for the crime of racism] are all aspects of human madness associated with global cooling. Famine, migration and war, have, in the past, always resulted from such conditions.
Dates are off the top of my head and will be a little off. Oh yes, and I’m drunk—sorry; 4 shots of rum and a beer after extensive Mormon-inspired abstinence…
-10,000 B.C. saw the Younger Dryas Event, an extreme example of sudden, cataclysmic global cooling.
-An undated cataclysm of snow in biblical prehistory is mentioned in the Book of Job and there are also the accounts of prehistoric floods in Gilgamesh and the Bible.
-1400 to 1100 saw a global cooling punctuated by the eruption of Santorini [Thera] and related weather events that caused the mass migrations of the Sea Peoples and the Bronze Age Collapse.
-430 B.C. astronomical events, cool weather, disease, migration and war wracked the Hellenic world.
-540 B.C. Saw cooling, famine, plague and the final collapse of Christian Rome and Magi Persia and sowed the seeds for the rise of Islam.
-1315-20 saw the Deluge, massive cooling, storms, disease, famine and migrations that would help fragment Christendom.
-1650s through 1700 saw extreme cold and unparalleled numbers of Northwestern Europeans enslaved in North Africa and the New World. The famine of 1674 set the stages for general war and revolt in English North America that ignited in 1675-6.
-1775 to 1816 saw devastating cold, mass migration and one of the greatest political upheavals in human history, causing the rise of the United States from Great Britain’s Empire, and sealing the proximate doom of Native American Tribes as massive migration into America from famine- and war-ravaged Europe and then The Year Without A Summer, or “1800 and Froze to Death,” which drove Americans west into the tribal heartland at a desperate pace.

All cult hierarches depend on delusion installed into the minds of the productive classes. Criminals do not accept delusional thoughts easily, as they, like the hyper-criminal elite, are creatures of Reality not Ideology [which is faith in a utopian fantasy]. It is the law-abiding civilian and honor-bound soldier enslaved to the institutions of spiritual and traditional negation, who are susceptible to delusion. The criminal is free within the maw of Leviathan, a kind of bacteria necessary for the heathy digestion of the host organism’s food—you.
A properly installed delusional—and therefore utopian—matrix, is best begun with false, fantastical and fanatically believed premises concerning the environment, such as:
-The Earth is Flat, when it is manifestly a sphere as easily observed during primitive Stone Age sea travel
-The Earth is the center of the universe, when it is obviously orbited only by the moon
-That Man’s actions effect the environment of earth more than those actions of the Sun [ancient Aztec and post-Modern secular humanist/atheist doctrine], despite the fact that if mankind disappeared tomorrow the earth would thrive—aside from our nuclear poison left behind—compared to the fate of all life on earth beyond deep-sea volcanic vent creatures being dashed overnight if the Sun were too die immediately
-That the earth is heating uncontrollably when it is obviously cooling gradually as it has many times
Once such delusional beliefs become scripture and gospel, then all accurate information will be twisted by the maimed monkey mind of the idiot of civilization:
Glaciers expanding and pushing ice bergs into the ocean, which are the result and causes of cooling, are understood as glaciers melting!
Forest fires set by man—831 in Utah this year, with an arsonist caught mere miles from where I write—which will result in global and regional cooling, are misunderstood as being caused by global warming.
Record snowfalls are unreported.
Record hurricanes are mischaracterized as the result of warming rather than cooling.
The global warming anthropomorphic conspiracy began in the late 1970s in Britain as a way to promote nuclear power over coal to break coal miner unions. It has since expanded its use to serve as an indoctrination tool for getting the masses to expect a warmer planet, so that they will be unprepared for the coming Ice Age and die quickly in droves. Areas with stable environments are being cleared for mass elite gentrification.
For instance, in Portland, fires are being set in residential neighborhoods every night and are being denied by law enforcement, the media and politicians even as people point to camera footage of militants setting fire to their lawns. The most powerful lawyers in Portland, who control politicians and police, also control militant arsonists. People locked inside behind their masks are being told by the news that the fires they see are not being set by the people they see setting them. This will cause sheep behavior among those who submit to gas-lighting and migration among those who see clearly the Holy Lie of the Ascendant Cult. Thus potential trouble makers remove and the meek submit under the very same stimuli.
In rural Oregon a man set 7 fires and was released immediately twice after being arrested to set more.
Criminals are set to be released in mass to drive working folks from Portland to make room for millionaires.
In a small town outside of Portland, besieged by arsonists and looters, the police, Finger-sniffing Buttholes of Insemination and the media have declared the residents evil for being “racists” which is the current crime of witchcraft in this second Reformation. There, volunteer fire fighters have taken over the duty of police work abdicated by the PIGs who now side with the criminals openly.
In California, three moms and their four daughters stand in a playground discussing the likelihood that they would be arrested by PIGs for the heresy of being unmasked outside and within six feet of each other, in the same way that Baltimore hoodrats would discuss the possibility of being busted by the DEA on a drug deal.
Only in a world where people believe in overarching falsehoods and automatically edit facts into lies thinking they are rectifying observations with the truth, resulting in a delusional view of the world, can such large scale emotional manipulation of slave minds be conducted with so little effort to such great effect.
It took the government from 1968 to 2015 to finally destroy the cultural cohesion and hometown spirit of Baltimore, Maryland, and make it the most deadly city in America. It has only taken the government from March 2020 to September of 2020, to take Portland from the safest mid-sized city in America, to one as dangerous as the worst portions of the Narco War Zone of Baltimore. Note that just as black families are burned out of neighborhoods by the Baltimore City Fire Department Arson Squad to facilitate gentrification, that ghost families are being burned out in Portland.
I suspect that Portland is being transformed at such a pace because it is one of the northernmost places on the American coast, where agriculture will be able to continue under New Ice Age conditions and that it is already the primary food distribution hub on the West Coast.
At an intelligence briefing of a select U.S. senate committee, this past year [late 2019, see the Ron Unz article on the Unz review], when discussing the Shamdemic and how bad it would be this exchange transpired, paraphrased below:
“How bad will this be, as bad as a depression?”
The briefing officer responded, “An Ice Age.”
He was thought to speak metaphorically. However the intentional burning of cities by the elite, the intentionally wrecking of the economy and extreme migratory behavior by ultra-elites, such as 51 private jets touching down on one small town airfield in Utah, argues that the briefing officer may have been speaking directly, not metaphorically, or possibly in both ways, panicking those without resources and informing with his subtext, those who he truly served, those who own the senators he was briefing.
The signs gather.
The manic shadows of the science-haunted world dance in an orgy of mob rule and media madness.
Famine is most likely a decade away.
As the maddened meet-puppets do the bidding of their unseen puppeteers, ranting, and raging and chanting about yesterday and today, the puppeteers access their enclaves, clear their logistical hubs for action and grease the skids of change with the blood and tears of the idiot American, who is naught but the fertilizer and bio-junkyard of tomorrow.
The elite dream of a planet populated by millions rather than billions is in motion. This proves their genius, their criminal level of adaptability. For the world is phasing into an Ice Age. Will it be another Little Ice Age, such as killed Rome and later Christendom?
Or, will it be a major glaciation, such that will reduce the carrying capacity of the planet to a fraction of its current plenty?
One day the Sahara will bloom again of Earth’s own accord.
But for this to happen, all of Canada and a third of the U.S. will become zones that will not support agriculture. All of the Eastern United States north of D.C., including the fertile Ohio Valley and much of the Great Plains and mountains, with all of the Great Lakes, were under ice 20,000 years ago. That will take some time. But Yellowstone did experience a hundred-plus earthquakes last week and the New Madrid Fault is due to blow…
Such are the forces that have many times been brought to bear on mankind, when the sun goes into a “solar minimum” state. The last time was 1816, when the New Madrid Fault went off [predicted by Tecumseh with the aid of a Quaker Almanac] and it snowed all summer, driving New Englanders into the Ohio Valley, and killing discharged British sailors cast out of the navy without pay after their great victory against the French.
Then as now, justice and goodness and the benevolence of government were delusions, not truths.
As the American Idiot believes:
-That the politician is a public servant,
-That the policeman is your friend,
-That Rights are real because some rich boy in a wig wrote it down 233 years ago,
-And that We and our Science are more powerful than the sun,
They will drown in rivers of misfortune that their idiot minds are unable to see coming.
Let the weak fall into darkness while the evil skulk in the shadows and the strong seek the light.
With any luck the U.S. will see 100,000,000 casualties from famine and social engineering by 2038. That will serve the evil elite skulking and the strong seeking at the expense of the deluded weak and foolish meek.
I do not recommend fighting the Master Class over their plan to starve and slay and render infertile with dismay most Americans:
Morally this is because most Americans are pigs.
Practically, this is because you cannot save America and you cannot defeat the elite.
They hold all of the cards.
Their hands master the meet-puppet strings.
A tsunami is coming.
Are you going to head for the hills or build a sand castle?
Are you going to go grey, or vote and pray?
I don’t care. But, since you are kind enough to read my words, I thought I’d share what I know about the lie that is our national and evermore notional snare.
-James, 9/19/20
PS: I’m headed out into the hills to pick juniper berries this weekend and will post again on Monday the 21st. If you want some juniper berries to make your own gin or spice your meat, email me at by the 22nd with your mailing address and I’ll mail you a pint. I sold 38 copies of Waking Up In Indian Country over the past two weeks and can afford the post.
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C8September 21, 2020 3:57 PM UTC

May be why they placed the Georgia Guidestones in, uh, Georgia. They figured the ice cap won't reach that fur south.

But pushing nukes to kill coal mining unions. Ffffffk.

Yucca Flats, homesteading for the future! "Warm yourself by the glow of our plutonium hearth." Order now and receive another 10 million year half-life for FREE!
responds:September 22, 2020 12:07 PM UTC

Our masters are the most evil yet.
T-RexSeptember 19, 2020 4:41 AM UTC

The first I ever heard of global warming was back in 2002, a news article on a recently declassified CIA report stating that global warming was the biggest threat facing America. Think about that for a second. The grand entrance of global warming into the public conciousness was courtesy of the CIA.

PS, I may have misspoke earlier today about the gentleman who set the 7 fires. That was not rural Oregon, but SE Portland. The first one he set was at I-205 and Foster Road, and after 45 minutes in jail for that one, he set 6 more. They didn't even book him on those ones, they took him for a psyche evaluation. He's now walking the streets. Here's his booking info:

Not in custody.

You'll also notice that there is no citation #, no DA case #, and no Court case#. Nothing to see here....
responds:September 20, 2020 12:05 AM UTC

Thank you T-Rex.