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LaFond's First Childrens' Book In Print
Lynn Lockhart
Mon, Sep 21, 5:09 PM (19 hours ago)
Available with direct access on Lulu

Emma and Chandler against the Gloomshine is a story I wrote for a five year old girl about her and her dog.
Is You Sure: The Escape of Dominic, Felix and Stevedore is a story I wrote about two boys who I have spent much time with.
Both stories, the child's rated G book and the Juvenile rated PG book are set in our current Stupid-Time, afflicted by the only disease ever to assail humanity in a setting of extreme grownup idiocy.
It will just be available through Lynn's hardback POD site.
I'm making money, selling a couple books a day and a hobo only needs so much, so for the rest of the year [until spring comes], whatever books Lynn publishes are hers, and they'll be hardbacks. It's time she started getting compensated. The rest of the stuff she normally publishers for me reverts to her after I croak.
Thanks for your support.
Oh, yes, and I have released my literally chattel, Stevedore Jackson from his long-suffering service. You're free Stevedore, free at last, alone on your midnight ass.
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