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Bonfire Books
Nathaniel Lucas is Curating Plantation Australia
I am thrilled to be informed that a clear look into the Caucasian slave trade being diverted from America to Australia is underway, and at the hands of a man with a poetic gift and tragic sensibility.
I will review this anthology in time. But for now would like to inform readers that Nathaniel is expanding his literary endeavors.
Thanks to Nathaniel for the PDF of Warung.

3:20 AM (10 hours ago)
Hi James,
I hope you are well. I recently published a collection of stories by a 19th century Australian writer named Price Warung. It features mostly stories of transported convicts being hung, hanging each other, escaping, fighting back, avenging themselves on their overseers, ratting each other out, standing firm in the face of the temptations of mercy, taking and violating oaths, etc, etc. All right up your alley.
This is the first release of my new publishing house, Bonfire Books ( ), that a friend and I have started. If you ever write anything about Australia or the convicts we would be interested in having a look at it.
I have written a new introduction for this volume and provided some new footnotes for the more obscure Australianisms.
I have attached the pdf below if you feel like giving us a write-up. Many thanks.
I continue to appreciate your unique insight into American life at this schizophrenic time.
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