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RE: Climate Change Search
An Update on the Implosion of a Fake Science Religious Cult
Re: Climate Change
This crackpot recommended a video debunking global warming that I reviewed some four years ago and linked to on you tube. However, I have no means of searching my own site by subtitle and could not find it. In the past it was always easy to pull up such previously viewed videos on you tube. But we could not find it, so I asked a friend better with computers to search for it and, well, did not get the video, but did get an education. In the video top climate scientists were interviewed by a British journalist, with sober insights abounding such as:
-Carbon increase in the atmosphere follows global warming and does not precede it.
-The man made global warming scam was started by the Thatcher administration to promote nuclear power and crush coal miner unions.
-The idea came from a hopeful idea by a scientist who supposed in the mid 1970s that the inevitable next ice age might be mitigated by manmade greenhouse gasses.
-That most of the so-called scientists who signed the annual global warming accords were actually journalists and scientists outside the relevant fields.
-That modern science is so hopelessly politicized via grant politics, that real broad-based government-funded scientific initiatives achieving objective analysis are not possible.

10:33 PM (1 hour ago)
YouTube makes it very difficult to find exactly what you search for, mixing in other garbage and sending you back to the beginning of the search list if you open a video, frustrating as you progress on the list to be shot back to the beginning of it.
I started searching on the search engine rather than on YouTube which yielded more info on the nature of the problem and how it gets handled.
Dissenter turned out to be an important key word in the search, bc science should have dissent. Denier in the search will bring up the attackers bent on squelching dissent, so not a good word to search by.
The first story of Peter Ridd in Australia ends well. He raised a quarter million to fight legally and won.
At this point, in the effort to get to the info in a 4-yr-old video, what I copied into this doc may serve better than a video. YouTube censors.
On Peter Ridd
His outcome
Heritage Foundation on Climate Change Criminalizing Scientific Dissent
Richard Lindzen—below:
-Britany Bane

A climate change dissenter who has left his mark on U.S. policy
John J. Fialka, E&E reporter
Published: Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Correction appended.

Check this link out for a litany of quotes damning the false science.
Most interesting of all, is the fact that the U.S. government funded a study on an abrupt cooling what-if scenario conducted by two futurists around 2000.
Also, in areas were great rainfall occurred during the times the pyramids and the sphinx were built in Africa, damns have been built in what is now deserts—are under construction now as the Sahara begins to rain...
The sloe-eyed cattle have been threatened with heat while the elite prepare for the cold.
Narratives will soon begin to be twisted into manmade global warming triggering the next ice age, even tough ice ages are above the human pay grade. We'd need to conduct a large scale nuclear exchange to actually cause an ice age on our own. Like it or not, we are weaker than the sun.
Thank you Britany!
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