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'Good Stuff'
Juniper Recipe from a Reader
Juniper Berries - I'll have some .....
Sat, Oct 3, 6:28 PM (22 hours ago)
Although it's probably more Macho for me to discuss machete matches or confrontations with Dindu Reparations Agents, I'll hide my man-card for a minute and do a little Recipe Sharing using Juniper Berries.
I heated up 1/2 cup of olive oil in an iron pan. Crushed 2T of juniper berries + 2T of black peppercorns with a hammer, and started them frying in the pan.
After a few minutes, when the oil was about smoking, added four 1/2"-thick pork chops and fried on both sides till done.
Good stuff ... a unique flavor, and the kitchen still smells great!
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