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A Hobo History Video from a Viewer Question Out of the Crackpot Abyss
USA Beat
9:56 AM (3 hours ago)
to me
I scheduled it for Saturday to get the most traction out of it, so it wouldnt have been up when you looked.
It should be now though. Link is :

My employer, Oliver Wendell Hayes, and I had a discussion this morning about Hobo History, his brain child. This kid even contacted Dan Carlin of Hard Core History and wanted him to plug Hobo History! Sorry Dan—I'm a bum. We understand the silence. But youth waxes into exuberance.
Oliver might be expanding Hobo History and One Round Boxing [which he has a lot of canned content I wrote for him this summer to post yet] and I am just so flatered that he thinks my regurgitation of what I can still remember from my life misspent reading instead of worshipping at the Altar of Dollar, that I suggested, that I might break my podcast silence for his endeavor.
I have promised to do an annual crackpot podcast with Lynn and an annual podcast with The Myth of the 20th Century crew. Aside from that, I'm avoiding voice indictments.
Part of my concern—me being a coward—is with offending the powers that be—and they be.
So, he offered this morning, as I spoke to him on my Obama phone as I rolled out of my cardboard box next to the weight bench in the shamdemic-empty gym, to send me a mike for the laptop and put me in touch with a cryptic talent who is looking for work doing interviews, a man who goes by the handle—can you dig it—Incognegro!
So that is out there, a possibility, if Incognegro is not too expensive, that he might interview me for Hobo History via Skype and use YouTube questions and comments on Hobo History videos as a guide.
Well it's an idea.
Maybe it will happen.
I also praised the fact that Doctor King is on the channel banner, but did quibble that Malcolm should be there too. The boss said he's getting on it. We want high levels of wokedness at Hobo History.
Hobo History
Hope you like Katrina.
I here that the next Hobo History episode is going to be my commentary on the historical accuracy of the 1970s movie, Mandingo.
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