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Ghetto Pharmacy
No One Learned the Lessons of Baltimore, April 2015
Ghetto Pharmacy News from a reader

In reading the above story by Vox Day, by a really ahead-of-the-curve thinker, one is struck by how retarded even our best thinkers are.
Five years ago I wrote and published War Drums, and apparently the four people that bought it didn't tell anyone about it. And the problem with big brains like Vox is if it is not their idea it has no merit. Look, 35 pharmacies were systematically looted in Baltimore on the last Tuesday in April, 2015 and the BPD refused to investigate, after the security staff of the companies turned over videos of the crimes. What is happening all over America, increasingly and gradually since 2015, is what happened in the dying days of April 2015 in America's worst city, but even the dissenting voices refuse to look at the 2016 System Test, the pilot program.
The riots and purge of April 2015 Baltimore was a combined DOJ-Creep State Operation in cooperation with the deputized NGO BLM, and The Black Guerilla Family and Crip 52 gangs. It was a test run for urban unrest under federal supervision that served as the model for the Blick Spring Risings of 2020. But even the dissident media is loath to look into any source that is not mainstream. 20 Creep State agents from 6 agencies were sent in to supervise the dismantling of local police while they were still getting beat up by teenagers.
Why are people like Vox, Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson [who will not touch Plantation America reality with a 10-foot-pole] and other cultural oppositionists committed to sourcing only mainstream news [essentially slickly packaged lies]?
Because these people are all hopeful sellouts who want to earn a place in the mainstream and replace Tucker Carlson or that stupid son of a bitch prison guard Hand-daddy on Fox as controlled opposition. Our society is so corrupt, so steeped in the Lie, that even the so-called dissidents on the so-called right insist on cleaving to manufactured propaganda and engineered media blackouts as the only legitimate font of the truth because, they want to cash in on the Lie too.
When one woman's daughter kept calling the BPD and insisting that they investigate her brother's murder, they threw her out a third-story window and called her mother and claimed that she tried to commit suicide. She was in a coma when I spoke to her mother about this and did not follow up the story. The girl was not Blick, so her death at the hands of the Blew merited no news coverage.
Yet, everyone, including alternative media people on the so-called "far-right" refuse to credit the reporting I did. People who read my one-of-a-kind accounts will not even give friends and relations a heads up because they cannot find credible journalism sources to back up my reporting. The reason is simple, that I was reporting alone, as the only credible journalist in Baltimore, while the media was doing it's job of obscuring the facts, of veiling reality and of giving wings to the sacred Lie.
Boomers can't get medicine because boomers have lived a sixty-year lie—good, die, boomer die.
Never has a nation deserved more thoroughly the fate brought down upon it by its own cowardly actions.
This is all to the good. The more people who look away from the truth of night and glare wide-eyed into the shining lie bright, the more fools will fall before the Grey God's scythe and nourish the green earth.
Stop trying to inform idiots—stampede them towards the cliff while you prepare to wax strong in the long shadows of their pitiful song.
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Francis BrakenOctober 25, 2020 10:43 AM UTC

"So I have higher rankings than VD?

No. What you do have is integrity.

Many of your blog posts and writings I have absolutely no interest in, and often disagree with but I'm certain you always write with integrity and pure intent. Often, I come across insight that is pure gold. Keeps me coming back. Don't remember the last time I visited the Voxstapundit blog.

Urge all J to da' Fond readers and blog visitors wandering by this post to support by picking up a book or supporting on Patreon.
responds:October 25, 2020 12:29 PM UTC

Francis, that is incredibly kind of you.

The greatest compliment I get as a writer are such statements that much of what I write is disagreeable or uninteresting but that some is valuable.

I don't know why those statements make me feel good about my writing but they do.

Francis BrakenOctober 24, 2020 5:41 PM UTC

You give VD too much credit. All because the news media claims something doesn't make it true just like Beale's claim to be a thought leader with ultra high IQ is hilarious.

Actually, you should thank VD. War Drums wasn't blowing up the Amazon rankings but any endorsement or link by the Cringe Lord could only do more harm than good.
responds:October 24, 2020 6:01 PM UTC

So I have higher rankings than VD?

My editor tells me that Twitter followers will not recommend my work unless credible network TV sources can be cited.

Apparently news that I Am the Primary Source is not confirmation, but inflation.

How can one be legit when illegitimate confirmation is required?
SidVicOctober 24, 2020 1:55 PM UTC

Blackpilling me bro.
responds:October 24, 2020 5:15 PM UTC

Don QuotaysOctober 23, 2020 8:10 PM UTC


I understand your frustration, but the only point in the above article worth understanding is that things have gotten so bad in urban America, that even MSM can't hide it.

Had I not discovered your works in late 2014, the events of 2020 would have frozen my brain as I attempted to cope.

I am in a relatively tranquil 3rd tier city, but I don't expect it to last.

Keep writing my friend, your audience is larger than you know.
responds:October 24, 2020 5:16 PM UTC