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Summons to Supplication
A Reader is Wondering How To Defend a House against Demands to Bend the Pale Knee
A good friend of mine, below posits a question that many of us will face in the queer future...

Residential Terrorism
12:27 PM (26 minutes ago)
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-Electric Dan

Dan, last night was the most quiet night in Portland since I have been here.
Saturday night there were seven gunshots 2.2 miles off. But I sat safe in a bar packed with sissies and gays, leaving the gorgeous barmaid only me to tip her for her cleavage display—poor girl...
My host and I have practiced some anti-terrorism counter measures which I cannot go into, but will fictionalize in the Great Brain Robbery, next week's short fiction.
Suffice it to say, that committing violent crimes in your neighborhood, can serve to install a crime buffer around you once a city becomes an open town with no reliable police response.
One can you do to avoid being a target of social justice militants?
First, what is the aim of these koolaid-haired rich kids?
They are trying to get you to point a gun at them or come out into your front yard and engage in dialogue, threats, warnings, debate, etc., so that you may be documented as an enemy of the System. Ideally they will rent a negro so that you can be seen back-sassing a man of Godly hue. These mobs are secretly deputized arms of various Creep State agencies deployed to draw you out, paleface.
What can you do to make your home a less likely target?
Have some psychotic hobo stick fight with you in your driveway.
Do not cut your grass.
Do not trim your trees.
Your back yard should be perma-cultured with fruit bearing brambles, like black berry and raspberry. This is an old Jamaican trick. There should be no easy access to back or side door. Sensei Steve just boarded up the back door at 6666 Caucasian Avenue, nailed that fucker shut.
Do not cut your grass.
Deface your car or truck with spare paint, bullet holes, stab the shit out of the fender and hood with your kukri or K-bar. Let your kids finger paint on it...
Hang animal skins from any trees in your side yard, skulls too. If you see a dead dog on the side of the road, hang it from a tree in your yard. That buck you shoot—just butcher and hang it, don't mount it.
Worn out appliances and scrap metal, old vacuum cleaners, etc, should be left on the front lawn.
Install metal roll doors above your windows on the side of the house, basically what pharmacies now do.
Order a dump truck of gravel and have it dumped in your yard so that vehicles cannot ram your front wall in.
Make sure you have the least privileged looking abode in the neighborhood.
In trusting Mormon Country, I noticed that people list the family members on the address. I suggest putting up your own family greeting:
The Jackson's:
Big Tone
Queanie Girl
Uncle Mike
Lille Tone
Tiny Tone
BayBay Tone...
You get it.
I would consider a giant tin foil hat atop an antenna.
No flags, no political posters are recommended. Keep in mind that one day, all of those hipsters sporting BLM banners and such will be the targets of NGO billeting. "We welcome" refugee signs will be taken as promise of a free room and food and sex.
Ideally, you want every one of your neighbors to get raped, robbed and made to lick sneakers on the street.
Do not forget to toss your beer bottles and liquor bottles in the front yard.
This is a 100% guarantee, if you stay inside when they parade down your block.
For internal defense I like hand weapons for the men and grill lighters with aerosol cans for searing the face of those who attack your women indoors.
I also think that steel bumpers should be installed around the fragile exterior of your vehicles and a plow for the front of pickup trucks.
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Big CNov 8, 2020

Hello James,

Kind of a silly question. Do you think it is worth it to turn the sprinklers on or no?

Big C
responds:Nov 9, 2020

Test them regularly so they can be turned on to douse fires and slicken the surface of your drawbridge...
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