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‘Low Irish’
Channeling Richard Francis Burton with T-Rex
“James LaFond, Richard Burton is so believable and intelligent and his commentary is so compelling, I find myself wondering about his statements concerning what nasty, low-life’s the Irish were. He was so busy documenting what he saw around him that it is hard to believe that he was totally off in his assessment.”
While we are on the subject of the lower human orders, I was reminded today, when a lady called from Baltimore, to the Department of Vital Statistics, that she was greeted by a voice with instructions on the “Cobid” measures being taken by them to keep citizens safe from the Dread Minus. 20 years gone, when I was interviewing college-educated housing inspectors about their “Rat Eradication” program, they all groaned that the locals who manned the phones always answered, “Rat Ratification!”
There is ample evidence that Mid-Atlantic African Americans are descended from two groups of people for whom Burton reserved a low regard: “Low Irish” and “Litigious negroes.”
Based on the rampant criminality of mid-19th century Irish Americans one may assign credence to Burton’s claims that these were inferior people. Hell, I’m 25% Irish and I was in a special-ed class and dropped out of school without ever completing a math quiz let alone passing a test. There is also much evidence that Irish immigration to America was mostly in chains and mostly before this period and that these Irish of the 1500s, 1600s and 1700s were not all clods.
So, if we assume Burton is correct and that the Irishman of 1860 was inferior to the Englishman of that same period, is there an explanation?
In the mid-1600s the Irish population was reduced by two-thirds from about a million and a half to about a half million. This was after some 100 years of near continuous war waged on them by the English Crown. We are looking at a probably 75% reduction over 100 years, ending with the execution, deportation and enslavement of almost all of the Irishmen of quality. Traitor Irish in the nobility and church would anglicize, and after one of the more successful European genocides in Modern Times you would have a lower quality population.
This remnant population would then be systematically starved, raped, raided, trafficked and driven from their homeland by terror for 200 years, resulting in the most intelligent and ambitious Irish leaving and the least able staying. This happened in my own family, with the stay-behind LaFond’s of the East being runts, largely without schooling compared to the strapping collegiate athletes and lawyers and doctors among the Illinois LaFonds.
Imagine this. Take a sport and subject it to a hostile, violent take over, featuring murder and sale into slavery as an expedient. Let’s target the NFL and have a Klingon league of gladiators teleport into NFL locker rooms at halftime and take over by force. The coaches and the quarterbacks—the leadership—are getting snuffed. The high agency players will go down in the fight, switch sides and turn traitor or find a way to escape the new Klingon league. What you are going to have left is second string and special teams guys used as tackle dummies, sparring partners and armor carriers and other types of gear wranglers for their new Klingon masters. The Klingons will then begin gaining access to the highest quality women and NFL players would begin being turned down by their would-be wives, who would instead spread their legs for the conquerors.
T-Rex, do you know a reprobate novelist who could write this as a science-fiction tale?
Civilization does not select for the smartest people, but in the main breeds the lowest agency people under the malevolent stewardship of the elites, who actually wipe each other out on a regular basis. There was a time some thousand years ago when the English toiled under the Viking yoke and the Irish threw it off. Then, over time, the Norman iteration of the Viking yoke used the larger population of the larger of these two islands as a resource base to eradicate the best men and rape the best women of the race that preserved ancient literature during the same Dark Age that saw England as the more backward place. Not having been raped by Rome gave the Hibernians an age of relative grace. But the installment of the magic of Roman cultural negation in the form of the slave mind, continued exposure to invasion, and more resources, which facilitated England’s brilliant rise in the Age of Sail—which was a feature of its immediate exposure to continental military threats—doomed Ireland, which could not remain a political or military island when Britain ruled the seas. So the island that had been its own fortress against Rome became its prison against seafaring Britain and brought rarely seen levels of European ethnic cleansing. The final straw was during the infamous potato famine, when all other food stuffs were removed from Ireland by a rotation of British army divisions, and churchyards became mass unconsecrated graves as the catholic Church abetted the British crime, a crime ongoing to this day, abetted by historians, politicians and churchmen.
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JaredNov 6, 2020

Could you expand on the Irish throwing off the Viking yoke and the English no longer subject to them about 1000 years ago?

My limited understanding of the history only covers the viking invasions, eventual rise of Kingdom of England in response (Alfred & Æthelstan) then the Normans came in. Think the Irish had the same experience, they eventually defeated the vikings but the Normans came in soon afterwards.
responds:Nov 6, 2020

Will do.
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