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104 Fever
The Ascension of Predatory Medicine
This is the transcript of the phone conversation I had with Megan earlier today about a friend of the family.
Jerry just died. He was 36 years old with two young girls a great dad, who just got divorced and was living in an apartment. He was a picture of health—worked out all the time, looked great. Upper Chesapeake Hospital sent him home and told him to call his doctor. They tested him for c@#$% and when he was negative, sent him home. He made an appointment with his doctor, said “he felt like hell,” and laid down for a nap. No one was able to get through to him and when his mother got there he was convulsing in bad seizures.
The ambulance took him to another dirt bag hospital, Franklin Square and he was tested for c@#$% two more times and tested negative. Nobody knows how long he was without oxygen. He had no brain wave. He was non responsive. I don’t know if they pulled the plug or if he died naturally.
At 36 does he want to sit in a nursing home for the next 20 years?
If you don’t have c… they don’t care about you. Dogs get better treatment than damn humans ever since this shit came out. Everybody gets pushed to the sides unless they have the disease or if they’re bl@#$. Is it just me or is it obvious that this disease and race bullshit are all tied in together?
The bl@#$ lives matter commercials in Maryland keep saying “all lives can’t matter until bl@#$ lives matter.”
In North Carolina a five-year old white boy was shot and killed in his front yard by his bl@#$ neighbor and you won’t hear that on the news because no lives matter until bl@#$ lives matter.
I am so sick of this bullshit.
I will. I’ll keep it to myself. This Pollack doesn’t want to be swinging from a tree any time soon.
[I recall, in 2005, that the most powerful man in my training circle, Robert Guyer tried to rescue an alley cat at work and got scratched. He contracted an infection which exploded his joints and brought him to a body temperature of 105. The hospital that indicted him, Bay View, not a well-renowned saver of lives, kept him for two days and packed him in ice. Yet with a 104 temperature, this more advanced hospital of a more advanced age, sends Jerry home to die?]
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