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Overton Railroad Drafts
In Case the POZ Button Gets Pressed
I have recently considered, that as I complete a book a week or every second week and that my hard-pressed editor and publisher is laboring under a pile of some 50 books, I will be winding down my graphomania in danger of having many complete works deleted in the womb.
I realized this last Saturday night upon completing a book that, on publication, might get my other work erased. So, the numerous Harm City-Overton Railroad books I completed in the course of this "longest year," will be published as rough print drafts, not pdfs, by my dear innocent niece, who will not even be reading, let alone proofing or editing these works, which she will be putting up as is with no corrections, no fact checking, no myth busting no, "Are you sure Uncle Jimmy?"
Below are the book drafts and the order they will be published in. These books are part Overton Railroad travel book and part Harm City dystopian journalism.
The pure Overton railroad and Harm City books completed before this combined cycle of books written between April and September of 2020, will come out under Lynn's banner as hardbacks perhaps when the silver-voiced lady gets them into the form she approves of.
The following books are still timely and should be released at one or two per week until they are out in print.
-1. In the Shallows of Night [19,191 words] available
-2. In the Shadow of Fright [18,054 words] available
-3. In the Crease of Might [15,794] available
-4. Shamdemic Survivor [13,355] available
-5. Good Book Bad Book [11,161 words]
-6. Anubis' Gate [21,166 words]
-7. Emasculinity to Infinity [13,279 words]
-8. Harpy Haj [14,159 words]
-9. Eight-Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds [13,862 words]
-10. Darksome Dawn [12,212 words]
-11. The Giver [14,000 words]
-12. Exodus Aryas [12,793]
-13. How God Saved Mars [19,567 words]
-14. Afterdark at 18,465 words
-15. Wytchfinder 22,859 words
-16. Unbowed 21,385 words
-17. A Science-Haunted World [21,238 words]
-18. Randy Bracken Goes to Hell: [40,000-plus words]
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