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Great American Shithole
Electric Dan Remembers
I’ve done a ton of work in Chicago. It’s a nightmare driving in and out. The people are ridiculous. We had this one bl@#$ apprentice, a girl, who was working with us, who was always late to work and you couldn’t fire her because she was bl@#$. She told us about her brother and her driving in the parking lane and then swinging back into traffic and getting hit by this old lady—totally in the wrong. He had a suspended license. The old woman saw them switch seats and her get into the driver’s seat and she told the cops.
But they lied. They told the cops that the old lady was lying. Then they end up suing the old lady! So you have these assholes, the rich assholes and the insane homeless—that is Chicago.
I will not eat food from restaurants in Chicago. Chicago is supposed to be this great place. They have the “Miracle Mile” where all the expensive shops are. All the rich people with their expensive new cars live in condos that have shops and high end restaurants on the first level. We get up at three so we can get into the place and working by five. In the morning, the back doors of the restaurants are open and you can see the rats going in and out, between the dumpster and the kitchen. Drop cielings are inevitably filled with roaches. Between the birds, the homeless people and the rich people letting their dogs shit on the sidewalk, I would say that very single inch of Chicago is covered in shit of some kind.
There is this woman with her baby carriage walking by an insane homeless man waving his arms around and yelling, and she was pretending he wasn’t there. We yelled out the window of the van, “Don’t pretend you don’t see him!”
With a work van, before you had the rearview camera, you had to be really careful. If you drive in any way cautious and leave some reaction space in front of you, somebody will swoop in and you will be cut off.
One morning, we have the keys from the engineer for this condo building and we’re down in the parking garage running conduit for this job—we have a work order and everything—and this woman comes down—comes down three levels—there and tells us to leave, accuses us of being thieves and calls the police on us. The police blew it off. But it gives you an idea of the fantasy land of delusion these rich wh$%^ people live in, a land where the guys looting and burning are victims and contractors busting their ass in the morning are criminals.
I priced out this one job for these rich people next town over and they liked the price so I told them I’d have the power off for seven hours so plan for that. They then told me that they like to have a late breakfast and that I shouldn’t start until 11 in the morning. I said, “I have to get up early, go buy the materials, bring them to the site through traffic, driving an hour and you aren’t willing to inconvenience yourself? I start work in the morning. I am not working into the night.”
They call me back and asked me if I would still do the job and I told the woman, “No. I won’t do it for any price.”
Chicago is basically a yoke around the neck of Illinois. People down state in rural areas pay all the taxes for that corrupt shithole so the politicians can steal and the bl@#$% can loot and kill. Chicago is a truly horrible place.
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BayonetNov 19, 2020

Chicago is all-the-way f#$ked. And, their elites are going hammer down on the bust-out of the tax base. This past summer I got to visit with a high school classmate who's lived in Chicago the past 15 years. Gal is actually raising a young family there. This woman says, with a straight face, that in her opinion the mayor is doing a good job.
responds:Nov 19, 2020

This is why the female vote is so important.
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