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What I Learned in School
The people from Chicago—the hoodrats and their supervisors—renting U-Haul trucks to come out here and pillage our neighborhood in broad daylight, was no surprise to me, and not just from reading your stuff.
When the school on the other side of town was closed down, they bussed those kids over to our school. The b@#$%^ were convinced that the w@#$%^ would not defend themselves and started bullying everybody, and it was amazing how many kids took it. I didn’t take it. I fought back. So did some of my friends.
Two of our friends got harassed on the bus, they were the only w@#$%^ on the bus and they got called, names, slapped around, humiliated, had their school books knocked out of their hands. So the next day me and a couple of my friends who drove to school, got on that bus, and the b@#$%^ would not get on.
B@#$% bullies.
One of my friends got bullied by this real big full grown man who was a senior and decked him. So this guy ambushed him once in the hall and he fought him off.
Then, one night we are going to a house party and my friend is sitting out in his truck with his mouth bleeding and one of his teeth split in half. He said, “That guy is here, with friends.”
The big man had walked up behind my friend, tapped his shoulder and then sucker punched him in the mouth. So my friend slams him to the ground and starts smashing his head into the driveway and all of our so-called w@#$% friends pull him off and protect the attacker and bring him and his friends into the house.
[Back in Baltimore this type of behavior, favoring visiting b@#$%^ over resident w@#$%^ is usually tied to b@#$%^ bringing drugs for the pale hosts.]
So I went into a rage. I was no bad ass. I was strong, competed in powerlifting, played sports. But I was just in a rage to avenge my friend who had been suckered and then turned on by our friends. So I barged into that place saying, “Where is that n@#$%^, I’m going to kill that n@#$%^,” and the w@#$% kids there stalled me while they helped this coward and his associates run away out the back. I never saw that kid again—kid, he was a man—but he was a senior and this was a graduation party. So the next year he was not there.
So, suffice it to say that I have not been surprised to see mobs of b@#$%^ being led by cadres of w@#$%^ coming out to w@#$% areas to loot and conduct home invasions. And with the knowledge that this activity is being funded and underwritten by w@#$% internationalists, I actually think my socialization under bussing in a public school in the 1980s prepared me well for appreciating the current situation.
School itself, the academics, that was easy. I did well, but decided on going into the trades instead of taking the college route, which I also think helped develop a perspective somewhat free of the deeper delusions most of our fellow Americans labor under.
-Allan Hoyt, Joliet Illinois
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Increase Mather XXINov 24, 2020

It's been said that the mobbing up is done to avoid the possibility of being beaten by a "white boy," a stigma that is apparently impossible to live down: is there anything to this?
responds:Nov 24, 2020

Will do an article tomorrow.
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