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Upscale Tale
“When the stuff [riots] was going on a while back, a neighboring upscale community where I work, where there is a mall where they make handmade shirts and suits and I bought my daughter a tiny doughnut bag of makeup for $250, came under attack.
“The police had intelligence that van-loads and car loads of people from Chicago were coming out to loot the upscale homes. The police used concrete jersey walls to block all but one access way to the mall and successfully defended it.
“The one truck full of looters was driven by a [ebon prince] and the passenger was a fat [ghost] woman [classic mudshark].
“There was actual looting, daytime home invasions at one o’clock in the broad daylight, being conducted. My one friend, who talks guns a lot, but never shot one and doesn’t own one, was worried and wanted to know what kind of gun he should get. Him and his wife come from money, they have a summer home and a winter home—there are well off. They have two kids and she says to him, that if he brings a gun into the house to protect them, that she is leaving.
“How can you not feel bad for this guy? But then again, he tells her that we are pressuring him to get a gun when it is him that initiates all the gun talk.
“The world is going crazy and it makes me wonder if my retirement plans are valid or even sustainable, if there will be a pension.
“This is a suburban subdivision and I don’t expect any of my neighbors to be there for me in a pinch and even my mother has bought into this disease to the point of hysteria and wearing a mask in her backyard. It makes you wonder if I’ll even be allowed to work for long. What if a universal vaccine is mandated for the workplace?
“I know there are better states than Illinois—the taxes here are ridiculous to pay for all the waste and mayhem in Chicago. The state is so corrupt you can’t trust that laws will even be enforced with the people we have in positions of power.
“I’ve got daughters and granddaughters and a wife to defend. I won’t get a concealed carry partially because it’s so expensive and my priority needs to be home defense. We’re not upscale. I manage to get by without a car payment, by buying used. I really think most of my friends will just bend over when the tyrants change the rules and don’t expect help from anyone in this area, in the entire state, really. My son is willing to resist. So where could we best do that, best be left alone, or is this cancel culture permeating everywhere?
“What do you do when they come for you?”
-Eddie, a Joliet Illinois homeowner
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