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'Wignats Take Note'
The Crackpot's Curator Reviews a Couple Weeks Worth of Posts
My dear editor's sense of humor continues to deepen!
I really look forward to her BlogSpot reviews of all of the stuff I have forgotten that I wrote, then posted, then slipped into the memory hole. It helps the baby food taste better...
In the future, with so few podcasts—probably 2 a year—the BlogSpot will be a center of Robert E. Howard reviews, travel photos from the skulkings of the crackpot and notices of new print editions published in quality style by Lynn.
I finally figured out how to take pictures with my Obama flip phone earlier this year.
Thank you Lynn, and thank you all.
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GilNovember 26, 2020 6:13 AM UTC

From maybe 1 Crackpot podcast to probably 2 podcasts a year. Good news! I found you via a comment from a red site to Myth to Crackpot.

I know that my body was never my friend and I must try to impose my will on it. It's ironic that my aging mind might not be my friend either. Is the will separate from the mind? Or is it the body's way of playing 3D chess? I do not know.

Life is
responds:November 26, 2020 2:55 PM UTC

Wish had the answer to that one!