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Batting 300
The Harm City Home Team is Killin’ It for the 6th Consecutive Championship Year!
As of 11/23/20 the Harm City Hoodrats have 300 hits on the year, averaging 31 ever 30 days for the past three months. I am going out on the limb and predicting 332, reduced to 329 or 330 with police “stat juking.”
The heroic and uncredited work rate of the nation’s most underrated civic servants is tragic enough. But the fact that over 280 Floyds and Rianas have ascended to the Right Hand of God this year with no posters of them showing up in Portland, has me saddened.
The good news is that killings of “whites” are up in Baltimore. However, until we have a dead cracker for every dead brother and sister, that privilege will not be erased.
At years end I’ll search the final 100 killings to sketch the scenes where my life intersected with those deaths. One of these bodies was dropped at the little graveyard where I used to walk my 5-year-old son and that reminds me that I failed to resist the invader and have been a refugee ever since, a beaten man.
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GilNov 26, 2020

St Louis is 300,576. Once they drop below 300,000 there will be no disputing Baltimore's title! Im so proud!
responds:Nov 26, 2020

Strictly speaking, Baltimore is the Middleweight Champion, Chicongo Heavy, and St. Louis the lightweight holder. Flint, usually nails down the featherweight title and the year before last Capital Heights, MD took the bantam weight.

Flint always takes the pound-for-pound, until, as you said, they start taking the weight cut seriously.
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