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Old Hobo, Young Lobo
The Crackpot is Engaged by Teutonic Fist from across the Drink of Hope
Angelas Crackpipe Ashes
3:19 AM (19 hours ago)
Hey ho old Hobo
i know its absurd to recomend movies to somebody who hasn't a registrated adress, but if you find one of these moments during the late day, the sort of moment everybody finds himself in meditation, you should watch "Hillbilly Elegy". The story of a child of fucked up ubringings in the chaotic hills of kenntucky processes the same cultural bagage "Angelas Ashes" processed in 1996. The dysfunctional traumas of the white trash yeast eaters overwellmed with modernity thrown in a world where everything is in question but every appetite can be saturated. The end of the church and the start of a needle.
The every result that happens when you tear up the cattle thieves of the green island from the land and throw them into the hustle and bustle of city life and 24 hour news circles and on their heels their ancient problems of sickness, anxiety and substance abuse follow them.

Thanks, Young Stuff.
I only watch movies when I stay with certain folks about 3 months a year. So I might end up viewing this one someday.
I do bristle a little at the suggestion that I would ever meditate like some "Chinaman with a thousand years in his soul."
I read Angela's Ashes and Hillbilly Elegy. The later was marred by three things:
-The author did not know the history of his people,
-The author expressed a complete sell-out level of commitment to rampant materialism and gaslighting academia,
-The author—I believe I recall but may be slightly mistaken—expressed a profound desire to put on a wedding dress and perform oral sex on Barracks Othello, then president of the nation that had done everything in its power to screw over his people over the course of exactly 400 years.
Reflections of the damned sons of the doomed defeated can make for compellingly tragic memoir. The book was well done until the closing chapter when the author is supposed to magically become a social engineer. I hope his editor dictated the final chapter to him and that it didn't not spring from his soul.
Hey, but it was made into a movie, the only goal of any mainstream publishing house since 1982. The man is a success by the only measure this would applies to its inmates.
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GooseNovember 26, 2020 11:49 AM UTC

What, bristling at a suggestion of a meditating man, but not that of a "white trash yeast eater overwhelmed with modernity"? Very telling, good Sir, very telling....
responds:November 26, 2020 2:45 PM UTC

Thanks for noticing, Goose!
American DagdaNovember 26, 2020 9:48 AM UTC

Alright this handle's coming out of retirement just to say fuck that traitorous whoreson JD Vance in his spineless faggot ass. When somebody's fucking you you don't try to bend over harder.
responds:November 26, 2020 2:50 PM UTC

Yes, the dress was unseemly.