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'Establishment of a New Community'
Baruch asks the Crackpot a Question Beyond His Ken
I wanted to ask you something I just asked him-if you were asked to plan the establishment of a new community (I had this happen recently), what would you focus on? Assuming there's money behind it, and you know how to grow and build stuff.
Our conditions in Israel are a bit different, but I assume there are universals.
Maybe a productive line of discussion to bring up on your blog, maybe even a podcast? I assume lots of your readers are thinking about this...

Thanks for crediting me with a level of imagination that I strive to achieve in writing fantasy and science-fiction.
I have never been part of a community of any kind, so this strikes me cold. I can't write from experience here at all.
I was going to think on this overnight. But there is not much point, as I don't have any reference points other than police-criminal social dynamics.
Bam, here we go, off the top of my head in order of priority.
The first two are really American concerns and I suppose do not apply to Israel and much of Europe.
-1. No fixed address, build it on wheels
-2. Find a way to work with people who are stuck at fixed addresses and are capable of providing services, such as machining, auto mechanics, dairy and meat processing, canning, etc.

-3. A covenant for non-violent mediation within the community in order to keep the government out of your business, by not challenging its monopoly of aggression.
-4. A community schooling method to keep your children out of the state's web of lies
-5. A young men's organization that focuses on infrastructure, transportation, housing, shelter and defense
-6. A men's organization that focuses on interacting with those outside the community, the enemy government and alien communities and allies, filtering news and intelligence and otherwise avoiding the chaos baked into modernity, in which women and children and young adults have most of the government interaction, rather than the men. The exception is government employees and contractors. But if you look at the dysfunction of urban and suburban America and the toxic colonization of rural America, you will see the government outreach focuses on women, children and youths, the most vulnerable and least aware and most easily agitated and naïve sectors of the population.
-7. A medical center, ambulance, or at least a doctor or nurse or medic should be part of the community, as medicine is increasingly the avenue by which the evildoers shall do unto you and yours.
-8. I would take the Amish tactic of rotating worship services from house to house, to avoid raising a religious center, which will increasingly be a bulls-eye for NGO and Creep State terrorists.
-9. An elders organization that includes women and focuses on preserving a body of lore and advising the men and the teachers.

Sorry, Baruch, that is all I have and it's all fantasy.
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Dr. DreadDecember 1, 2020 9:00 PM UTC

"I generally distrust big ideas, especially mine."

Can I borrow that with appropriate footnote to your wisdom. More people should repeat such an ideal. Excellent statement, indeed! I had a coach once who said something similar: "I generally don't trust people's thoughts, particularly mine. All they do is get you in trouble."

Rock on James
responds:December 2, 2020 2:01 PM UTC

Thank you, Doc.

We are living in the age of big ideas punctuated by small bad ideas.
Jonny RicoNovember 29, 2020 8:40 PM UTC

Not really a bad set of ideals. Great empires were founded on less.
responds:December 1, 2020 2:00 AM UTC

Thanks—I generally distrust big ideas, especially mine.
Gwydion the WoseNovember 26, 2020 1:40 PM UTC

Im afraid Im just a little too old and well rooted to be living the nomad life anymore but if you know any fellas in the middle kingdom of Tenntucky looking to reive and ramble we may be prepared to offer a waystation in the days to come
responds:November 26, 2020 2:44 PM UTC

Thanks for that thought.