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Slinking into the Sunrise
Ivory Silverback Hoodrat Migratory Notice 11/26/20
Over the past six weeks I have had a serene time staying with a good friend in Portland, Oregon.
Finishing three books in six weeks marks this as a very productive time in which I have avoided the twin scythes of the Dread Minus and the downfall of His Hated Highness.
I am headed east into the mountains, where The Colonel has told me I will be eating raw elk heart and liver. Apparently a horse-sized liberal with four legs and quite a rack wandered into his gun-sights...
I must thank my pal Yeti Waters once again for his hospitality here at ground zero on the War on Reality.
And thank you for supporting my misbehavior.
I should be posting on Monday, November 30, unless there is only 29 days in this month, in which case I suppose that will be the first of December.

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