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Murder Bowl Tryouts in Portland
Stumptown Stranglers picked up a minor league free agent from Harm City
T-Rex Reporting
Tue, Dec 1, 3:01 PM (23 hours ago)
"Coe told police he was originally from Maryland and moved to Oregon because of the marijuana “movement,”"
Here's the sports wire:
Here's his rookie card:
I think the new law regarding drug decriminalization will lead to us getting some good draft picks, and make the franchise more attractive to potential free agents.

And in the last month of the playoffs, the Harm City Hoodrats, American Middleweight Champs for the 6th year running, have 1 hit in December [the umpires are probably still scoring today's RBI], still trying to get out of the Thanksgiving slump, and are hitting 303 on the year.
I'm calling it 324 right now.
Make your prediction, and if you match the December 31 score, I'll send you a free PDF
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