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‘How Do I Use Hostile Platforms?’
Mister Grey is Interested in His Content Surviving Leviathan’s Ire
The all-seeing eye of Sauron is upon us, glaring balefully into any uncompliant corner of the collective psyche in search of that individual who might nudge the Mob God of Sloth from its satiated and coddled lotus dreams of perpetual deification.
By definition, the most popular platforms, with the broadest reach and the most efficient mechanisms, are going to be hostile to free thought of any kind and particularly hostile to free thought of the masculine ivory kind. For instance, you might be able to use a popular platform to render a video that they would take down, but which you could keep private just long enough to transfer it to a less efficient but more tolerant platform.
Below are my suggestions, which I try to follow myself, although I sometimes slip into accidental hypocrisy.
-1. Do not post when angry or drunk. [I only make YouTube comments when drunk.]
-2. Do not ever debate with system advocates.
-3. Use multiple platforms.
-4. Use the high volume platform that hates you to drive traffic to the low volume platform that tolerates your bad-thinking ass.
-5. Remember that the high-volume Pazi platforms do a lot for you and you do little for them.
-6. Do not use system terminology. If, for instance, you want to discuss the habitual left-wing and parasitic social habits of Basketball Americans, try calling them Kangistani Militants, and when the boogle computers begin to discover that Kangistan is code word for Da Hood, you move to Queanopian Insurgents…
-7. Self-censor. There are numerous words I will not use unless I am complimenting the unique and god-like virtues of the subject. If I am being critical of the world’s most prolific slave traders, I will not identify them directly. Develop a list of words that you will not use and find creative replacements.
-8. Use the Pazi Dox-troopers as warning drones. Rather than debate a Dox-trooper who attacks a statement or opinion, thank them for correcting you, and note to yourself that if she wants to she can turn Leviathan’s baleful gaze upon your grass hut of dissenting thought and burn it down. You are outnumbered 1,000-to-1 and they have all of the planes, tanks and ships. So you do not conduct your struggle like General Custer but like Giap.
-9. Eliminate whole categories of content from your mainstream platform and craft messages with metaphor and in-yo-endo to drive traffic to your tolerant platforms.
-10. Do not discuss politics at all. Never become a political advocate—ever! It is a trap. If the Orange Man can get caught in that trap, you are getting tossed into the meat-grinder to form the grease that will prevent the soles of his $5k shoes from getting enough traction to escape the trap.
-11. Conduct discussions of ethnicity from behind a cloak of comic obfuscation—computers and their architects lack a sense of humor. That is literally our last refuge.
-12. Do not discuss serious content on a platform on which you do not control comment approval. I have had numerous Creep State [the root term has been so used I have abandoned it for Creep State] actors try and get me to give them advice for committing crimes and some even attempted to post comments on this site suggesting such behavior as armed rebellion against my Masters and ethnic cleansing of my moral and racial superiors. You do not want to get burned because somebody with no stake in their comments talks shit on your staked content claim.
-13. When sacred diseases are raised up from the ether like a hungry Aztec god to menace us with eternal night, when buildings are blown up and country music fans gunned down to punish some clown-haired usurper, when five Creep State puppeteers talk one sheeptard into going along with a government-sponsored faux gag to kidnap some cunt governor, do not ever directly reference this event, this disease, the head cunt in charge or the alphabet soup agency involved—but get creative, Ham Slice.
Look, if your readers, listeners or viewers are too painfully stupid to follow your thread of the narrative about something like Billary Clit-on’s multitudinous crimes against humanity, without naming the actual label of the said Gorgon Queen, then let them graze their vegan brain in some showtopia calibrated to mesmerize them rather than inform them or prompt an odd thought.
Bro, you do not dry-screw the Kontent Poleese in broad daylight. You use lots of lube and do it among the deepening undulations of the falling night.
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Mike_CDecember 8, 2020 5:18 PM UTC

I wrote this elsewhere in a different context, but it fits here too. Re #7, not only should one strive to avoid words that are hurtful, one must eschew words that *might* be misinterpreted as hurtful. Therefore,

New speech and writing guidelines:

1. Instead of "bigger" say "larger".

2. Instead of "Digger" say "Australian military personnel".

3. Instead of "rigger" say "parachute-packing expert" or "sailing-ship line and shroud technician"

4. Instead of "chigger" say "Trombiculidae mite".

5. Instead of "Tigger" say "The bouncy Tiger-American character by A.A. Milne" ("Win—e the P—h" is forbidden [political comment redacted to conform to Rule 10])

6. "Trigger warning" is still allowed. Because there are hierarchies of social justice.
responds:December 8, 2020 8:38 PM UTC

Beautiful, will post as an article starter.
BryceDecember 7, 2020 4:09 PM UTC is open-source. is not.
responds:December 7, 2020 8:00 PM UTC

Colonization will come.

If we don't learn how to operate on hostile platforms—like every platform I publish on, including this one, we will go extinct.
BryceDecember 7, 2020 1:08 PM UTC

Do not use hostile platforms. Host your own websites; use your own back-end software such as Do not use any plug-ins that are supported by Wokesters. Develop your own email lists to sell your products.

Even Wokesters are afraid of being deplatformed on antisocial media and similar platforms. Remember: if the service is free (such as antisocial media), YOU are the product.
responds:December 7, 2020 1:51 PM UTC

Wordpress is a hostile platform.

All platforms will become hostile as they are colonized.